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General data:

Name: Carlos Humberto Rodriguez Arias.
Age: 20 years old.
Address: Lago Tequesquitengo 2443, Lagos del Country.
Phone Number: 38-24-3089
Cell Phone Number: 044-333-134-5696
C.U.R.P.: ROAC830608HJCDRR00
R.F.C.: ROAC-830608
I.M.S.S.: 33038326477

Personal Profile
College student majoring in Economics, bilingual, dynamic, with initiative, always anxious to learn, with leadership experience coordinating teams and projects with multiple tasks, relish by the reading and learning. The best desire of success and continual improvement.

Dynamism, ability to coordinate several tasks simultaneously, learning capacity, leadership, good for relating with people and team work. Communication skills.

I need to coordinate my schedule of work with my schedule of school.


UTEP (University of Texas at El Paso).
Major: Economics and Finance, 500 W. University Ave., El Paso, TX 79968. Tel. (001) 915- 747-5000.
I had to change of Univesity to UACJ because in that time the terrorist attacks in the United States happened and the foreign students had many problems to cross the international bridge and lost classes.

UACJ (Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez.
Economics, Henry Dunant No. 4016, Zona PRONAF, city of Juárez, Chihuahua. Phone Number: 656-688-2100 to 09.

In this year I moved to Guadalajara city, reason why I am in the process to continue my studies in the University of Guadalajara.

Other studies:

Theology studies in the Institute of Theology of the Diocese of Juarez, Council seminary of the diocese.

Labor experience:

Salesman at the Dockers Shop Plaza Galerias.
Activities that carried out: sales, substitute cahier, usher and cleaning.

Shift supervisor of the Internet department of Operadora Niños en Orbita S.A. de C.V.
Activities that carried out: Attention to clients, instruct customers, teaching courses, adjustment and configuration of computer equipment.

Manager at the H2O Club - Discoteque & bar.
Activities that carried out: Clients service, reservations, supervision of waiters, personnel of cleaning and security, supervision of the bar. Inventories.

Associate Salesman of Moviltel S.A. of C.V.
Activities that carried out: Sale of cellular phones and accessories, contract promotion and form filling.

Guide of the Museum of Science and Technology of Chihuahua.
Activities that carried out: Attention to public, routes by the museum, supervision of activities for schools and other institutions that visited the museum.

1998 to present
Independent work. At the same time that I have had the previous works I have dedicated my self to make diverse works of graphic and Web design in an independent manner. Design of logos, business cards, promotional flyers, Web pages with Flash animation and more.


Spanish is my mother tong with wide vocabulary and excellent writing and spelling skills.
English, university level 90%, reading, writing and conversation, capacity for translation English-Spanish, Spanish-English.


Handling of diverse packages and programs: Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, Macromedia Flash, Derive for Windows, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Lime Wire, Kazaa Media Desktop. In addition, I am able to handle platforms PC and Macintosh. Operative systems: Windows 95, 98, 2000 y XP; Mac Os 8, 9 y X.
Advanced algebra, differential and integral calculus with applications in administration and economy. Descriptive and inferential statistics.

Other activities:

>> Coordinator of the catholic youth group "Evangelización" of the parish of La sagrada Familia in the Diocese of Juarez City.
Activities that carried out: Organization of retreats of Christian Initiation for big groups of up to 300 people, Teaching of different courses in all the diocese and dioceses from the United States: Phoenix, AR; Lubbock and El Paso, TX.

>> Coordinator of the group of preparation for the confirmation of the parish of La Sagrada Familia, diocese of Juarez City.
Activities that carried out: Preparation to groups of young people per periods of 5 months to receive the sacrament of the confirmation. Talks and interviews with the family parents. Organization of comunity activities in asylums, orphanages, convents and hospitals.

>> Member of the international catholic Movement "Apostoles de la Palabra".
Activities that carried out: Teaching of different courses of apologetic and catholic theology in the dioceses of the city of Juárez and Phoenix AR.

>> Second commissioner of SIL (Integral Services of Logistic) during National Event EDEPREM ' 99, Guadalajara city (Sport Encounter of Marists High schools ).
Activities that carried out: Planning of all the logistics of the event with assistants of several delegations of all the country. Planning of the event integrating the activities of the different commissions that were in charge of the coordination of the event. Installation of network and equipment of computers for diverse activities of the event. Design of some promotional adds.


Available upon request.

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