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Welcome. This is a webpage to republish the writings of William P. Sampson (1928-2000). We also have a biography about him, which you can click here for a downloadable PDF-formatted copy. It is titled A Biographical Sketch of William P. Sampson, S.J.. Bill was a friend of the editors of this page. The editors thus far are Toby Terrar and Pat Knight. If you would like to be an editor or add material, we would be glad for the help. We are grateful for their help to Rev. James Walsh, S.J., Rev. Anthony Andreassi, C.O., Pat Largess and Chris Leyes.

We have digital copies of all of Fr. Sampson’s writings, or at least of all those of which we are aware. If you are unable to download an item, we will be glad to send you a digital copy or a hard copy via an email attachment or surface mail. Just write or call. We thank the copyright holders for their permission to republish these works.

Bibliography for William P. Sampson
and Downloadable Items

  • 1963-1975 “Miscellaneous Letters to Friends: 1963-1975,” (78 pages) Click here for a downloadable copy of these letters. (
  • 1959 “The Society and the Liturgical Movement,” Woodstock Letters, (with Paul L. Cioffi, Woodstock, MD: Woodstock College Press), vol. 88, p. 238.
  • 1979 “The Father in Agony,” Spiritual Life: A Quarterly Journal of Contemporary Spirituality (Washington, D.C.: Washington Province of the Discalced Carmelite Fathers), vol. 25, pp. 34-40.
  • 1979 “Discerning the Spirits in Prayer,” Review for Religious (St. Louis, MO: Review for Religious), vol. 38, pp. 229-235; reprinted in The Christian Ministry of Spiritual Direction: The Best of the Review 3 (ed. David L. Fleming, St. Louis, MO: Review for Religious, 1988), pp. 333-339. Click here for a downloadable copy of this article.
  • 1983 “Expectations in community life,” Sisters Today (June-July), vol. 54, pp. 608-613. Click here for a downloadable copy of this article.
  • 1986 The coming of consolation: how God gets through to us (foreword by Leonard J. Fick, Westminster, MD: Christian Classics, Inc.). 108pp. Click here for a downloadable copy of this book.
  • 1991 Meeting Jesus (San Francisco, Calif.: HarperSanFrancisco). 164pp.
  • 1991 “Horror as used by Jesus in the formation of his disciples,” Studies in Formative Spirituality, (Pittsburgh, PA: Institute of Formative Spirituality, Duquesne University: February), vol. 22, pp. 65-77. Click here for a downloadable copy of this article.
  • 2001 Gospel spirituality and Catholic worship: integrating your personal prayer life and liturgical experience (coauthored with Paul L. Cioffi, New York: Paulist Press), 138pp.

    Below are Reviews of the above Paul Cioffi and William Sampson’s Gospel Spirituality:

  • Heiser, W Charles. Theology Digest, vol. 48 (4), p. 358 (Winter 2001).
  • Bradesca, Donna Marie. Ministry & Liturgy, vol. 28 (7), p. 47 (September 2001).
  • Gallen, John. Theological Studies, vol. 63 (3), pp 653-654 (September 2002).
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  • Piraro, Don. Priest, vol. 58 (10), p. 57 (October 2002).
  • Lang, Jovian. Catholic Library World, vol. 72 (3), p. 168 (March 2002).
  • Links

  • Rev. Paul Cioffi, S.J. Biographical Web Page. Fr. Cioffi was Bill’s long-time friend and co-author. (
  • Silver Spring Catholic Worker.
  • CWP (CWPublishers).

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