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Story of Mulan

A bird knocks a Chinese manís hat off. The Huns come onto the Great Wall of China. Shang leads the Huns. The Chinese man tells the emperor. Mulanís father prays for Mulan to impress the matchmaker. So she can uphold the family honor.

Mulan is late for the matchmaker. Mulanís grandmother walks across the road with her eyes closed, to see if the cricket-in-the-cage was lucky. Women clean Mulan and dress her in a Chinese dress. They put on a lot of make up and make her face white. Her grandmother gives her a cricket, jade beads, and an apple for luck. Other people are waiting to see the matchmaker, also. The matchmaker doesnít like Mulan from the beginning. The cricket gets Mulan into a lot of trouble. She said, ďYou will never bring your family honor.Ē Mulan is sad because she canít be herself. If she does her family wonít like her. Her father tells her that the last blossom will be the prettiest.

One man from every family must serve for the war. Mulan doesnít want her father to serve. He has already fought in a war and is old. Her father hurt his knee, and he knows he canít fight. Mulan is afraid her father will die. Mulan goes to the temple and prays. She takes her fatherís place. She cuts her hair and takes her fatherís armor. She takes her horse and leaves.

Her family realizes she is gone. They canít go after her because when the messenger finds out they will kill her. Mulanís grandmother prays to the ancestors. The ancestors tell Mushu to wake up the ancestors. They decide to send the most powerful ancestor. Mushu has to awaken the Great Stone Dragon. The dragon falls apart. Mushu and the cricket go to help Mulan instead. If he makes Mulan a hero, he gets back into the temple. Mushu teaches Mulan how to act like a man. But instead they make a huge mess. Shang is going to train the new recruits. They all blame the mess on Mulan. She says her name is Ping. The first day of training, Shang shoots an arrow up at the top of a pole. They have to retrieve it with 2 weights tied to their hands. Mulan canít do any of the training things right. Shang tells Mulan that she should leave. She doesnít want to leave, so she works harder. She is the first to retrieve the arrow.

The Huns go through the pass to get to the emperor. The messenger doesnít think Shang is a good captain. Mulan likes him. Mushu and the cricket type an urgent message. They were ready to fight. They come to a village. The Huns killed Shangís fatherís troops, and his father. Shang says the quickest way is to go through the pass.

Mushu sets off a rocket. It gives away their position. The Huns fight them. Mulan takes the last rocket. She shoots it at a cliff. It starts an avalanche and all the Huns get buried. Shang stabs Mulan with his sword. Mulan rescues Shang. They go off the side of the mountain. Her friends save them. Shang says he owes her his life. They take Mulan to the doctorís tent. They find out she is a woman. Shang didnít kill her because he owed her his life. Shang takes every one else and leaves her. Mulan is sad.

Mulan sees Shang and the Huns get out of the snow. She rushes down to the city. No one will listen to her now because she is a girl. While Shangu was presenting Shanguís sword, a bird grabbed it and gave it to Shangu on top of a cliff. The Huns were invading the city. The Chinese are trying to break the wall down because the Huns captured the emperor. Mulan has an idea. They dress as women and climb up the poles. Once they get in, they trick the Huns and get in. Shangu (Shang Yu) knocks Shang out.

Shang Yu remembers Mulan from the mountain. They fight on the roof. Mushu lights a rocket. It knocks Shang Yu off the roof and kills him.The emperor tells Mulan she has saved China. Everyone bows to her. The emperor says she can have a job. She decides to go home. Shang follows her. The guardians let him be a guardian again.

Mulan and Shang are welcomed into the home, and they probably live happily ever after.


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