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The oldest historical use of the word "Cook" was in the year 1000.

Its Use:
One who's occupation is the preparation of food for the table. It was orignally masculine.

The countries that claim the word are: United States, The Dutch, Germany, The Danish, Swedish and Iceland.
Variant spellings of the word "Cook."
Cóc....11th Century
Kok....13th Century
Kowke..15th Century
Cuke...15th Century
Cocus..15th Century; Plural

I believe that the spelling has evolved the way it has because of the many changes in dialects throughtout the ages.

The word cook is used as a noun and a verb. As a noun, it is describes a person that prepares food. As a verb, it describes the act of preparing food or playing music.

Definition 1:
To Ruin, spoil,"do for"
1889-If there are tow key-moves, a problem is cooked

Definition 2: One whose occupation is the preperation of food for the table.
1000-Originally masculine

Definition 3:
To succeed, to do very well; to act or think correctly.
1942-Many a student....figured that...Thurman Arnold was cooking with gas.

Definition 4:
To play music with excitement, inspiration.

1968-The band used to get up on the bandstand and really cook.

Definition 5:
To present in a surreptitiously altered form, for some purpose; to manipulate, "doctor," falsify, tamper with.
1751-Some falsified printed accounts, artfully cooked up, on purpose to mislead and deceive. Colloquial

The word as used today:
Noun: A person who prepares food for eating
Verb: To prepare food for eating by means of heat to undergo the action of being cooked. Concoct,fabricate. Falsify,doctor.

Sentences on today's uses:
1: Jeff was promoted from Prep Cook to Line Cook.
2: Jade had to cook two gallongs of bearnaise sauce for the party.
3: The Enron Corporation fell, because the books had been cooked.
4: The teenager cooked up a story to get out of trouble with his parents.

I still use the word cook in this sense today. I see a cook as a person who prepares food. I also use the word cook to describe the preparation of food in everyday life. Even though it isn't used as much, cook is still used as a slang word as well.

Why I chose the word cook:
Cooking has been a hobby and a strong passion of mine. When trying to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up, I knew I wanted to cook. I am now in College studying to become a Chef. I am able to intergrate my passion into my career.