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Dices probabilty calculator - ever wonder what the probabilty of getting at least four sixes with seventeen 6-faced dices is ? Or chance of getting at least ten elevens with fifty 11-faced dices (,answer=1.3%). Keep it below 160 dices, I havent yet figured out how to do arithmetic with ridiculous big fractional numbers (with nominators like 6^150) in javascript yet.
Lotta fram länder - Välja vilka länder varje spelare INTE vill vara och lotta fram vem som spelar vad (om det nu finns en möjlig förstås).

Days of Decision III (DoD 3)

Handels "chart"
Stormakts "chart"

Diablo II

Arreat Summit stats, official site
planet Diablo unofficial site
planet Diablo forum

Master of Magic

FAQ - (text-file)
Manual - (PDF-file)
Spellbook - (PDF-file)
Heroes compendium
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Secret mom alphabet Warning!! Major Spoiler alert.
Older version: Secret mom alphabet Warning!! Major Spoiler alert.

Napoleon in Europe (NiE)

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Simcity 2000

A FAQ/Strategy Guide - (text-file) FAQ
Official FAQ

Super Nintendo Entertainment system SNES - reviews and ratings - lista på spel och vilken typ av spel - spellista - diverse manualer