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Descendents of Eugene Belton Hogan and Elizabeth Jane Brown

Edmunds Hogan V3.19.1 Robert Edmunds Hogan (1881-1904) was the first child of Gene and Lizzie Hogan. At the time of his death Edmunds was twenty-four years old and had been living in Los Angeles, California for two years. The verdict of the jury was death by inhaling illuminating gas. He was single and no articles or cash were found on his person. He was buried in Sumter Cemetery, Sumter, S.C. In returning his body to South Carolina, his parents were swindled by the undertaking business. Gene and Lizzie put a large monument on his grave. He meant a lot to them and his death hurt.
Caro Hogan V3.19.2 Carolina Margurite Hogan (1884-1958) was Gene and Lizzie's second child. She married Edward Eston Spann in 1903. Starting in 1912, they lived in Lake City, South Carolina. Eddie was a farmer and auctioneer. Caro joined the Methodist church because Eddit's people were Methodist. She was active in the Women Society of Christian Service
Caro Hogan's children V3.19.5 Caro and Eddie Spann had three children. Two are pictured here in 1909. Left is Margarate Spann (1908-1941) right is Emeil Spann (1906- ). Emeil later married Nelle King. They had one child, Marinell Spann whom married Brazel Thomas Moore in 1962. Hogan Tucker, who was Caro's younger sister, owned this picture. Her daughter Elise Tucker gave it to Toby Terrar in 1989. On back is written “To aunt Lillie and Uncle L, Emile 4 years old”. Caro's third child was not yet born when this was taken. He was Ray E. Spann (1911-1949). He married Margaret Hardy.
Gene Hogan Jr. V3.21.1 This is Eugene Belton Hogan (1886-1928) and his wife, Ruby Vivian Randle (1890-1956). Gene Jr. was the third child of Gene and Lizzie Hogan. Gene Jr. and Ruby had seven children. They were: Eugenia Vivian Hogan Patakis (1906-1975), Annie Elizabeth Hogan Davenport (1907-1968), Doris Lucile Hogan King (1909-1966), Lois Anglus Hogan Craig (b. 1913), Barbara Wilson Hogan Martin (b. 1918), Eugene Belton Hogan (1921-1959) and Michael Randle Hogan (b. 1922). This picture was taken in 1911 at the beach in Los Angeles (Santa Monica), California. Gene Sr. is buried at Greenhill Cemetery, Greensboro, North Carolina.
Gene Hogan Jr.'s children V3.20.1 This is a Christmas time gathering at the home of Ruby Hogan in Charlotte, North Carolina about 1950. In it are Gene Jr. and Ruby Hogan’s children and grandchildren in the 1950s. Standing, left to right: James Martin (b. 1909), Barbara Wilson Hogan Martin (b. 1918), Michael Randle Hogan (b. 1922), Mary Trout Hogan, James Martin, Jr. (b. 1934), Eugenia Hogan Patakis (1906-1975), Charles K. Patakis (1891-1959), Lois Hogan Craig (b. 1913), Edwin King, Ray Craig (b. 1911), Doris Hogan King (1909-1966), Middle level: Eugene Belton Hogan, IV (b. 1949), Eugene Belton Hogan III (1921-1959), Grace McManas Hogan (b. 1924), Ruby Randle Hogan (1890-1956), Barry P. Craig (b. 1940), Bottom:Beverly Craig Quick (b. 1946), Barbara Jane Martin Gordon (b. 1942), John W. Martin (b. 1947), Michael Craig (b. 1943).
CLaude Hogan V3.8.6 Claude Byron Hogan (1888-1923) on a horse. Claude was the fourth child of Gene and Lizzie Hogan. He was born at White Plains (Anniston in Calhoun County), Alabama, where his parents had gone in 1885. His father worked as a butcher in a meat market there. By 1890 they had returned to South Carolina, where Claude’s dad set up Hogan’s Market at 32 South Main bordering the railroad track in Sumter. Claude first worked as a butcher in his dad's meat market. He set up a dairy farm about 1910. Each morning he covered a route around Sumter in his horse-drawn dairy wagon from which he his milk. In 1906 he married Annie Marie Jones. Claude was a Baptist and they were members of the First Baptist Church in Sumter.
Adjer Hogan V3.18.6 Claude and Annie Hogan had six children between 1908 and 1919. The youngest was Adjer Bruner Hogan (1919-1990). After his dad died in 1923, Adjer and his older sister, Rosie, were farmed out by their mother to live with their father's sister, Lilly Tucker in Maxton, North Carolina. As a teenager, Adjer ran off to Miami, Florida, where he became a teamster. He married Kathryn Louise Ley (b. 1922) in 1939 and had one child, Kathryn Louise Hogan (b. 1940) in Miami. Later they divorced and Adjer married Margaret Eubanks (b. 1915). Later they divorced and he married Opal Sparks (b. 1919). This marriage lasted until Adjer died. Earlier Opal had been married to Willard Ley, Jr., the brother of Adjer's first wife, Katherine Louise Ley. Opal had three children by Willard Ley. Their first son was Willard Dow Ley (b. 1938). He married Anite Raulerson in 1957. Willard and Anite had four children. Opal and Willard's second child was James Robert Ley (b. 1956) and their third child was Timothy Brett Ley (b. 1958). After Adjer married Opal, he adopted her two younger sons, Jim and Tim. Jim married Polly Ann Note in 1978 and then Carol Ann Shoemake in 1997. Tim married Lori LaGrue in 1981. Pictured here in 1971, left to right is James Robert Ley Hogan, age 15, Adjer Brunner Hogan, age 52, Opal Sparks Ley Hogan, age 52, and Timothy Brett Ley Hogan, age 13 at the Hogan's Jacksonville, Florida home. Jim and Carol Ley live in Texas, where Jim is a computer programmer. He has set up the familiy history using "Family Tree Maker."

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Lilly Hogan Tucker V3.22.1 Lillian Esther Hogan Tucker (1889-1979). Lilly was the fifth child of Gene and Lizzie Hogan. In old age she was proud of this picture and how she had looked, taken when she was sweet sixteen about 1905, dressed all in blue, including a blue parasail, blue hat and blue shoes. It was a black and white photo. In the 1970s she had her great nephew, Toby, take it have it tinted blue. It did not come out very well. Lilly's face and hair came out blue in the tenting process. Soon after this picture was taken, Lilly married Luther Jefferson Tucker, who was from North Carolina. The marriage, which lasted seventy-one years, took place at the First Baptist Church in Sumter, South Carolina on November 6, 1905. She and “Monkey,” as she called him, had three children. The children were Elise Klaudia "Leace" Tucker (b. 1906), William "Billy" Brown Tucker (b. 1912) and Earl Houston Tucker (b. 1916). She and Monkey also took in many of their relatives when times were bad. These included two of her brother Claude’s children when he died in 1923. These two were Rosy and Adjer Hogan. When her brother John "Joe Tom" Hogan died in 1929, two of his sons, John "Johnie" Thomas and William Brown Hogan, were taken in. In 1932 Lilly took in her mother after Lizzie Hogan's second husband died.
Lilly Hogan Tucker's funeral V3.23.6 This was taken in Maxton, North Carolina at the funeral of Lilly Hogan Tucker in 1979. Those pictured are from left to right, Lilly’s three children, Earl Houston Tucker, Elise Klaudia "Leace" Tucker and William "Billy" Brown Tucker. Then comes Mary Tucker, who is Billy’s wife, then Belton Brown Tucker (b. 1939), the son of Billy and Mary. Next comes Belton’s wife, Alice Tucker, and their two daughters, Angela Lynn Tucker (b. 1962) and Rosemary Elise Tucker (b. 1965). They live in Georgia.
Joe Hogan V3.21.3 John “Joe Tom” Thomas Hogan (1891-1929) was the youngest of Gene and Lizzie Hogan’s six children. He learned the butchering trade from his dad and went to college at Edgefield, South Carolina. During World War I he was in Company G, 60th Infantry. He married Margarite “Madge” Gurney. For a time when they were first married, Joe and Madge lived with his brother Claude’s family at Greenswamp. Madge and her mother-in-law, Lizzie Hogan, did not get along very well.
Joe Hogan V3.21.6 This is another picture of Joe Hogan. Here he is in overalls but with a dress shirt, tie and cuff-links underneath. He was a strong worker, as his dad testified to in the letter quoted above which was written in 1911. The child next to Joe in this picture is unidentified. Eugenia Hogan Patakis, a niece of Joe's, had this picture. Joe and his wife Madge had four children: John “Johnie” Thomas Hogan (1918-1952), Margarite Elizabeth Hogan (b. 1921), Charles Edward Hogan (1922-1967) and William “Billy” Brown Hogan (1926-1988).
Joe Hogan V3.21.4 This is third picture of Joe, the youngest child of Gene and Kitty Hogan. Joe was a victim of President Woodrow Wilson’s imperialist foreign policy during World War I. Joe was gassed during the war and his lungs never recovered. He had been a strong, hard worker before the war. After he was sick at home for a long time and died a miserable death from tuberculosis at the Oteen T.B. Hospital in Ashville, North Carolina on January 15, 1929. He is buried at Shilo Cemetery in Charlotte. Despite much difficulty and with help from relatives, Madge raised her children to adulthood.
Margarite Fristoe Beckwith V3.21.5 Margarite Elizabeth Hogan (b. 1921), was the second child of Joe and Madge Hogan. Madge did not produce enough milk to nourish the baby, who almost died. Joe and Madge were living with Claude Hogan's family at Greenswamp in Sumter. Madge's sister-in-law, Annie Jones Hogan and her niece, Rosie Hogan helped care for them. After her dad died, Margarite, her mother and siblings lived in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was a difficult times for the family. Nevertheless Margarite liked to dance and sing. She was good at it. As an adult she went to Dayton, Ohio where she had friends and worked in a drug store. She married James "Jim" Fristoe in 1950. Jim was in the Army. They had one child, Lenore Fristoe in 1959. In this picture is Jim, Margarite and Lenore.