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Descendants of William Brisbane Hogan

Bris Hogan's son mjp-2 Bris and Nancy Hogan had William Fletcher Hogan, who married Mary Eleanor Lesesne in 1897. She died soon afterward. Then he married her sister, Janie Elizabeth Lesesne in 1901. William Fletcher and Janie Elizabeth lived in Greeleyville, South Carolina and had five children. The oldest was Mary Louise Hogan (b. 1904), who married Milton Wisdom Pierson. Pictured here is the family of Louise Hogan Pierson in 1956. Left to right standing: Brian Kay, Marilyn Kay, Benny Kay, Eugenia Pierson, Whitney Gwin, Rex Kizzort, Sam Smartt, III, Donna Smartt, Mary Smartt, Susan Smartt, Mary Jean McMichael Pierson (b. 1934, wife of Lee Pierson), Jesse Gwin, Baxter Lee Pierson (b. 1932 at Emory, Georgia, only son of Louise Pierson), Marion Pierson, Justin Gwin. Kneeling, left to right: Sam Smartt, Jr., Lynn Pierson, Louise Pierson in chair, Elaine and Steve Gwin.