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Descendants of Helen Lucy Hogan Allen

Helen Lucy Allen A second picture of Helen Lucy Hogan Allen on December 26, 1925 at the home of her son, Hiram Allen, Sr. in Blythewood, South Carolina, along with her surviving offspring, their spouses and several grandchild: (un/brownhistory/allen/allen.html/hog-2)
Helen Lucy Allen 1. Son of either Frank Allen (1869-1958) or Mamie (Mary Rebecca) Allen.
2. Son of either Frank Allen (1869-1958) or Mamie (Mary Rebecca) Allen.
3. Bessie Alma Allen Abney (1891-1977), eleventh child.
4. Mittie Irene Allen Nix (1881-1961), seventh child.
5. Robert Bruce Allen (1874-1941), fourth child.
6. Unknown.
7. Mary Mac, wife of Thomas Eugene Allen.
8. Lillie Hogan Tucker, daughter of Eugene Belton Hogan, brother of Helen Lucy.
9. Elizabeth Jane Brown Hogan (Mammie Hogan), widow of Eugene Belton Hogan.
10. Helen Lucy Hogan Allan (1850-1934).
11. Doris “Dodie” Hines Allen, wife of Walter Allen.
12. Mary Rebecca Allen Hines (1883-1958), eighth child.
13. Unknown.
14. Rev. J.J. Nix, spouse of Mattie Irene Allen Nix.
15. Lois Williams Allen, wife of Hiram Allen.
16. Marion “Toad” Howard Allan, third child.
17. Lizzie Cooper Allen, wife of Marion Allen.
18. Walter Elonzo Allen (1870-1937), second child.
19. Franklin James (or Joseph Frank) Allen (1869-1958), first child.
20.Samuel Littleton Allen (1878-1958), sixth child.
21. Thomas Eugene Allen (1876-1944), fifth child.
22. Hiram Sanders Allen, Jr. son of Hiram Allen
23. Hiram Sanders Allen (1888-1960), tenth child.
24. Unknown.

Fourth Child: Robert Bruce Allen's (1874-1941) Descendants.

Helen Lucy Allen descendents Picnic at Cain’s Savannah, Sumter, S.C. in 1922. Back, left to right, Louise Helen Allen (b. 1910). She was the oldest of Robert Bruce Allen's five children. Robert Bruce Allen was the fourth child of Helen Lucy Hogan Allen. Louise married John Duffie on April 8, 1931 and lived in Sumter. Next to Louise is her first cousin Rosie Hogan (1908-1992), who was the daugher of Claude Hogan, and granddaughter of Gene Hogan. Gene was a younger brother of Helen Lucy Hogan Allen. Next to Rosie are Alinesia Preacher (Woodward) and in front Mary Emma Preacher (Mrs. Joe Campbell). The Preacher girls were pals but not kin. (un/brownhistory/allen/allen.html/hog-3)

Tenth Child: Hiram Allen's (1888-1960) Descendants.

The tenth child of Helen Lucy Hogan Allen was Hiram Allen Sr. (1888-1960). Hiram, Sr. married Annie Lou Williams in 1920. She was from Norway, South Corolina. Annie Lou went to Columbia College around 1910-1915 and was a roommate with Bessie Allen, who was Hiram's sister. Sometimes Annie Lou would come home with Bessie to Blythewood. That is how she met Hiram. Hiram and Annie Allen had two children. They were:
Hiram Allen, Jr. and gran
  • Hiram Sanders "H.S." Allen, Jr. (1922-2007). Pictured to the left is a picture of Hiram, Jr. about 1932 with his grandmother, Helen (Hogan) Allen. The picture was taken at Helen's home, which is still standing. Click on the picture to enlarge it. According to Hiram, Jr.'s son, Hiram, III, when Hiram, Jr. would to get into trouble at his parents' home, he would run up the hill yelling for his grandmother. She would call out, "Run to granny, run to granny." And she would wrap him up in the protection of her big, full skirts. (un/brownhistory/allen/allen.html/crank-23)

  • Ann Joye Allen (Mullis). Joye lives in the Blythewood home of her parents, Hiram, Sr. and Annie Allen.