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Faerie Crossword For Friday
Posted By kklee2391  
Across   Down
3. trove
6. uber
8. neopoll
10. big
11. eating
13. run
14. shadow
15. cleo

1. usul
2. ice
4. von
5. roo
7. kikoughela
9. escargot
12. nox

Posted March 26,2005

Today's Updates
Posted By BOTS  


Posted March 26,2005




It's open to all of Neopia. You send in what theme you want... and maybe the colors. I chose what it looks like from there. I need creative room to make the request. I will except suggestions for lookups, shop layouts, blogs, shop pets, backgrounds, Shields, blinkies. banners, cursors and top banners for now. Neomail blade_of_the_sword or kklee2391 for your suggestions. Once a week I'll pull a couple suggestions out of the Wishing well and create them for this site. Then the ones not chosen are deleted for the new week. I think it will be a huge success.. and people will get more of their suggestions created. Good Luck! *Note* Only 1 Suggestion Per Week per person. If more then one by is submitted it will be tossed out.



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