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Lockheed C-130 Hercules

The C-130 is Lockheed's masterpiece of tactical transport aircraft made at the right time, at the right war(s) and with the right air force(s). More than 1,000 of these aircraft were manufactured and hundreds are still in service today worldwide. From the air forces of Abu Dhabi to Zaire. It made its first flight in 1954 and came in many variants. Most abundant and still in production today is the "H" model with the Philippine Air Force as one of its customers. 10 "herky birds" served the PAF's 222nd Tactical Transport Squadron of the 220th Tactical Airlift Wing based in Mactan Air Base in the Visayan peninsula when delivered in 1976-77 replacing the old C-123 Provider. It is the PAF's principal tactical transport and heavy lift aircraft performing unimaginable missions from transporting troops and their supplies to combat areas to providing "ride" for Filipino civilians from local or foreign places in times of "mandatory evacuation". The PAF is also a user of the streched version of the Hercules, the L-100-20 which is 8 feet and 4 inches longer than the H model. Three of which were delivered for the Mactan based squadron. The C-130 has a troop capacity of 128 infantrymen or 92 fully equipped paratroopers.

The aircraft is turbo-prop powered by 4 allison T56-A-15, and a maximum speed of 375 mph operating at an altitude as high as 33,000 feet and a mission range of 4,894 miles. Worldwide, the Hercules delivered more paratroopers than any other aircraft in history. Until now, the C-130 has found no replacement and it will surely go on into the next century as the Hercules, the multi-transport bringing men and supplies into "the Legendary Journeys".

Douglas C-47 Dakota

"Old airplanes never die; They just become the stuff of Legends".To the C-47, that saying is true to her. Arguably the most famous aircraft of all times. Full of history it is the most be-veteran aircraft still flying in today's air forces. Having seen action from World War II to the present. Douglas magnificent aircraft made its debut flight in 1935 as a DC "day plane" and was later on loved by military air arms around the world. It was produced in many variants thus it has gained many nicknames such as the Dakota, Skytrain, Gooney Bird, Spooky, Puff the Magic Dragon. It has function as troop transport, cargo hauling, navigation training, SAR, glider towing, staff transport, command plane and made history as the first fixed-wing aerial gunship.

The Philippine Air Force loved the Gooney Bird that they started flying them since 1945 up to the 1980's when the last "47" retired. Seventy two (72) of these magnificent aircraft operated within the battle order of the PAF and Filipino airmen loved them that they christened them with names like "Airman, Apache Brave, Batman, Cannonball Express, Pathfinder among others. Two notable ones the Lili Marlene and Mt. Pinatubo went on to history later. The Lili Marlene carrying PAF Commander Colonel Edwin Andrew crashed in Mt. Makaturing in Linao, Mindanao killing him and 15 others. Then on March 17, 1957, the "Presidential Plane" Mt. Pinatubo carrying President Ramon Magsaysay and PAF CG, Gen. Benito Ebuen crashed in Mt. Manungal, Cebu killing them both and 23 members of their party.

It serves the Philippine Air Force's 204th Air Transport Squadron of the 205th Airlift Wing based in Villamor Air Base and functions in multi- missions including as a command plane and a gunship. Its twin Pratt and Whitney R-1830-92 twin wasp radial engines thrust the aircraft at 270 mph at 59,000 feet and at a range of 1,750 miles. It has rough field capabilities and can carry 33 troops. Today, it serves as the PAF basically as a staff and troop transport aircraft.


GAF N22B Nomad


One of the most important all-Australian aircraft since World War II was intended to be a large and global successful programme. But for a variety of reasons may be due to engineering or design problems, it was less than successful. First flown in prototype form on 23 July 1971, only 170 were made before termination of production ended in 1984.

The aircraft though has attracted foreign military customers, ASEAN in nature like Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Indonesia and The Marshall Islands lying in the neighborhood of Australia itself. The Philippine Air Force received a dozen of these planes in the mid-1970's equipped with underwing hardpoints and self-sealing fuel tanks for use in tactical airlift and CASEVAC missions. It serves under the banner of the 223rd Airlift Squadron part of the 220th Airlift Wing based in Mactan Air Base.

The aircraft capabilities comes in Maritime Patrol, SAR, assault transport and laison. It is an all-metal machine with a strutbraced high wing featuring powerful double slotted flaps and drooping ailerons to give outstanding short-field performance. It has a forward cockpit seating one or two, with optional dual controls and can carry up to 12 passengers. When armed, each hardpoints (4) rated as 227 kg can carry gun and rocket launcher pods. It has a speed 0f 193 mph, service cealing of 21,000 feet and a maximum range of 840 miles.


Fokker F-27

The F-27 was the first civil aircraft built by the Fokker Company of Netherlands since the end of World War II. It is powered by two turboprop Rolls-Royce Dart MK 552 mounted on a shoulder height wing. The first prototype flew on November 14, 1955. More than 700 were built and because of its popularity to smaller and regional air lines it became the best selling turbo-prop airplane in its time replacing the DC-3 and Convair/Martin airplanes. It has a seating capacity of up to 52 passengers inside a pressurized cabin and ensures fine views from large windows unimpeded by the wing. It has a speed of 325 mph and a range up to 1,082 miles.

The F-27 flew over Philippine skies in service first with the Philippine Air Lines (PAL) until 1971 when nine if these aircraft were transferred to the Philippine Air Force mostly serving in general purpose transport duties. They operate under the command of the 221st Transport Squadron based in Villamor Air Base however one serves with the 250th Presidential Airlift Wing also based in Villamor for VIP and presidential transport duties.



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