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The Philippine Air Force Flying School is the "Air Force Academy of the Philippines". Located at the pine-tree claded Fernando Air Base in Lipa City Batangas province. It is also the home of the 100th Training Wing, the unit responsible in training all future Philippine Air Force personell. Officers and enlisted men alike.

Unlike the PMA, the PAFFS composed of two types of student body. The student/officers and the avaition cadets. All "top gun" dreamers. Like the PMA it too went coed when 2 female student/officers graduated from the country's premier school for military avaition.

Avaition cadets trained for 26 months to undergo Undergraduate Pilot Training. They will undergo Basic Military Training (BMT) on the first 5 months and are dubbed as "dodo" cadets, similar to the PMA plebe. There they will first taste the rudiments of military life. After which they will go on and learn more about airmanship. Ab initio training is undertaken under the guidance of the 101st Training Squadron on the Cessna T-41D Mescarelo where students will undergo 70 hours of flying training before proceeding to the 102nd Training Squadron for a further 130 hours on the SAIA-Marchetti SF.260TP. Avaition cadets will then graduate and earned a commission as an officer of the Armed Forces of the Philippines - Philippine Air Force.



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