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Name : Sin Mei
Nickname : KinKi
Age : 15
Location : Antwerp, Belgium
Mood : Happy (^-^)

A girl and a guy were on a motorcycle
speeding through the night,
they loved eachother very much...

| Girl | Slow down a lill,i`m scared...
| Guy | No, this is so much fun
| Girl | No it`s not...please, it`s so scary
| Guy | Then tell me that u love me
| Girl | Fine...I love u, now can u slow down?
| Guy | Give me a big hug
| Girl | *Gives a big hug*
| Guy | Can u take mah helmet offand put it on,
it`s buggin me while i`m drivin...

The next day, there was a story in the newspaper.
A motorcycle crashed into a building becauseits brakeswere broken.
There were 2 people on the motorcycle, onewho did not survive.
The guy knew that the brakes were broken but
he didn`t want 2 let the girl know because she would get scared.
Instead, he heard her say
she loved him one last time, and felt her hug him one last time.
He gave her his helmet so that she could live, and he sacrificed his life for her.