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Bailey and Howard Family History

in Henry County Missouri,
Bourbon and Woodford Counties, Kentucky
and Richmond County, Virginia

1.0 Welcome. This is a family history web page for the Bailey and Howard families. It is our hope that in time, the Bailey-Howards might have a family reunion in Woodford County, Kentucky or Richmond County, Virginia. Many of our ancestors are buried in these places.

2.0 Pictures. Click on the photos to view larger photos.

Ancestors of George Bailey (1804-1861) and Julia Howard Bailey (1808-1876).

George Bailey (1804-1861) was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky. His parents were William Bailey and Sarah Haithman (Heathaman) . William and Sarah were married on August 25, 1803 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

Woodford Map, 1887 bly-11 George married Julia "Judy" "Juda" Howard (1808-1876) on October 31, 1825 in Woodford County, Kentucky. Julia was the daughter of Vincent Howard (1783-1859) and Fanny Hammond (b. 1787). Vincent and Fanny had ten children between 1808 and 1846. On the left is an 1877 map of the Mortonsville area of Woodford County where the Howards lived. The map is from D.G. Beers and Company, Atlas of Bourbon, Clark, Fayette, Jessamine and Woodford Counties, Kentucky (Philadelphia: Modern Press, [1877], 1974). (b-jpg/bly-11.jpg). For the history of Woodford County and more maps click here .
Vincent Howard bly-3 Vincent was one of the five initial trustees of Mt. Edwin United Methodist Church, which is pictured to the left. The church was build in 1835 on Oregon Road in Woodford County, Kentucky. It still stands. It is constructed of native limestone, having walls three feet thick and red cedar woodwork, the material and labor for which was donated. See Cash D. Bond, History of Southern Woodford County (Versailles, Kentucky: 1990s?), p. 29, which mentions Vincent by name. (b-jpg/bly-3.jpg).

Julia Howard Bailey’s paternal grandparents were Jeroboam "Jeremiah" "Jere" "Jerry" Howard (1759-by 1817) and Ellen Stott. Jeroboam and Ellen were born and raised in Richmond County, Virginia. They married there on Christmas Day, December 25, 1781. They had at least six children between 1883 and the 1790s. Jeroboam's parents and children migrated to Woodford County, Kentucky. But Jeroboam stayed behind. He is buried in Virginia.
Richmond County Map bly-9 This is a map of Richmond County Virginia, where the Howard family lived in the eighteenth century. The map is from George King, Marriages of Richmond County, Virginia: 1668-1853) (Fredericksburg, Virginia: George King, Pub., 1964). For a summary of Richmond County's history and more maps of the area in which the Howards and their descendents lived and worked click here . (b-jpg/bly-9.jpg).
Jeroboam‘s parents were Colonel Thomas Howard (1731-1807) and Mary Ann Gibson (b. 1734). Thomas and Mary Ann were married in 1750 at Old Farnham Church in Richmond County, Virginia. Mary Ann was born in Richmond County, Virginia. Thomas and Mary Ann had ten children between 1751 and 1774. They lived in the Mortatico Precinct of Richmond County, Virginia, before heading to Kentucky in 1791. Both Thomas and Mary Ann Howard are buried in Woodford County, Kentucky.

The parents of Colonel Thomas Howard were James Howard (1705-1749) and Mary Schurlock (Scurlock) (1708/1711-1775). James was born in England and married Mary on November 7, 1729. He is buried at North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia. Mary Scurlock was the daughter of Thomas Scurlock (1675/1680-1757) and Mary. Thomas was burned at North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia. The father of Thomas was Michael Scurlock (1645/1650-1699).

The parents of Mary Ann Gibson were John Gibson (d. 1763) and Elizabeth Call. John and Elizabeth were married on August 7, 1729. John is buried at North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia. John’s parents were James Gibson (b. 1687) and Margaret Eleanor Corrie.

Julia Howard's maternal grandparents were James Hammond and Judith Payne Stevens. James Hammond was born in Old North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia. Judith Payne Stevens, for whom Julia may have been named, was born in Richmond County, Virginia. The parents of James Hammond were Martin and Mary Hammond, Judith Payne Steven’s parents were Richard Stevens and Frances Payne.

Descendants of George Bailey (1804-1861) and Julia Howard Bailey (1808-1876).

Click on the photos to view larger photos.
Judy Bailey 00-5-4 George Bailey is buried on what used to be the Emmett Doll Farm (four miles south of Urich, Missouri). Julia is buried about a mile from George at the Fewel Cemetery in White Oak Township. To the left is pictured Julia's grave stone, with her great great grandson, Ed Terrar (1920-2004) paying a visit on October 9, 2000. In the background is Ed's wife, Hazel (b. 1914) of 60 years, Hazel Terrar in the car, telling Ed, “Lets get going.” She always wants to get going and once going, get stopping. (b-jpg/00-5-4.jpg).
George and Julia Howard Bailey had at least nine children. They were:
Louisa Bailey (1830-1911) married George W. Craig in 1847.
William T. Bailey (1834-1907) married Sarah E. Grafford in 1858. William is buried at Urich in Henry County, Missouri.
Frances Ann Bailey (1839-1862) married Thomas J. Holston in 1853.
John W. Bailey (1839-1879) married first Mary H. Bern (Bivens) in 1860 and Hester Ann Cockram in 1870. Amanda Bailey (1841-1920) married Samuel Paxton on September 8, 1861.
James Bailey (1843-1861)
Sarena Bailey (1845-by 1919)
Mary A. Bailey (1847-alive 1947) married William Henry Blaylock.
George William Bailey (1850-alive 1942) married Margaret A. Long on November 15, 1874).
Descendants of Louisa Bailey
(George and Julia Bailey’s First Child)
Louisa Bailey Craig and descendants V2.1.1 Louisa Bailey (Craig) (1830-1911) was the first child of George Bailey and Judy Howard Bailey. She was born in Woodford County, Kentucky. Here Louisa is pictured with her daughter Rosie and four of Rosie's daughters. Left to Right, sitting is Rosetta Craig (Gergen), 1858-1922), who was age 35, Maye Gergen (Terrar) (1893-1979), who was a baby, and Louisa Bailey (Craig) (1830-1911), who was 63. Standing left to right Lillie Gergen (age 16), Lena (age 12), and Alma (age 14). This was taken in 1893 at Cherryvale, Kansas by L.F. Cramer. Louisa is buried at Kensington (Smith County), Kansas. (b-jpg/V2-1-1.jpg). Click here for Louisa Bailey Craig's descendants who descend through Rosetta Craig Gergen.

Descendants of William T. Bailey
(George and Julia Bailey’s Second Child)
William  Bailey bly-7 The second child of George and Julia Bailey was William T. Bailey (1834-1907). William married Sarah E. Grafford in 1858. They had six children. He became a Baptist in 1858 but was not a church-goer. During the Civil War he was a soldier in the Union Army. Pictured here is one of his Volunteer Enlistment papers. He volunteered for a period of three years. The enlistment was dated September 1, 1862. The paper states that he was twenty-eight years old, born in Hendricks County, Indiana, a farmer and five feet ten inches. He volunteered from Kansas. The reason why he joined in Kansas rather than Missouri is explained in the Mid-America and Lincoln Herald on-line articles contained in the Bibliography section below. The original of the document pictured here and William's other military records is in the National Archives in Washington, D.C. (b-jpg/bly-7.jpg).

Descendants of Frances Ann Bailey (Holston)
(George and Julia Bailey’s Third Child)

The third child of George and Julia Bailey was Frances Ann Bailey (1837-1862). She was born in Putnam County, Indiana and married Thomas J. Holston (1833-1864) in 1853. They had two children. Their first child was George Henry Holston (1857-1936). George was born in Edgar County, Illinois. Frances Ann died when George was five years old. Soon after her death, Thomas Holston remarried to Martha Jane Harlow (b. 1840). They had one child. Thomas died soon thereafter during a Civil War skirmish at Castle Rock on the Osage River near Jefferson, Missouri on October 6, 1864. Francis Ann's two children were raised by Francis Ann's older brother, William Bailey and by her younger sister, Amanda Bailey Paxton. (1841-1920).
brick driveway bly-17 As a youth in the 1870s George Holston worked as a brick maker and mason in a brickyard in Deepwater, Henry County, Missouri. The brickyard was owned by Samuel Currier (b. 1833). Sam became George's father-in-law, in 1880 when George married the boss's daughter, Nevada Elizabeth Currier (1859-1931) at Mt. Pleasant (Bates County), Missouri. To the left is a drive way in Deepwater, Missouri that is paved with bricks made by the Currier factory. Samuel Currier was born in Maine. According to a December 1885, he was by that time “our energetic brick and pottery man.” His factory was located on the west bank of Munson Creek which runs through the east edge of Deepwater and usually carries lake water in it today. His wood-fired kilns did not produce an extreme heat, thus the rose colored soft brick found today are damaged, but one variety bearing his name was made of a more durable dark red clay. Currier platted and recorded the Currier First and Second Additions to the City of Deepwater. He moved his family by covered wagon to participate in the Oklahoma land rush and died there in 1903. (b-jpg/bly17.jpg).
brick house bly-18 Pictured here are two little “storybook” houses that were once located on Front Street in Deewater, Missouri. They were built of bricks made at the Currier factory. Handformed, they bore fingerprints of the workers as well as initials of former occupants. (b-jpg/bly18.jpg).

George Holston and Nevada E. (Currier) Holston had five children between 1884 and 1897. The first four were born at Deepwater in Henry County, Missouri. The last was born at Perry in Nobel County, Oklahoma. These are the children:

Bertha Holston (1884-1965) married Edward Norton Dunbar in 1903. She died at Pico California.
William H. Holston (1886-1927) died at Caruthers in Fresno County, California.
George T. Holston (1889-1962) married Anna Maria Schnider in 1914. He is buried at Garden Grove in Orange County, California.
Thomas E. Holston (1890-1973) never married and died at Fresno, California.
Harold G. Holston (1897-1959).
group picture bly-16 This is George and Nevada Holston and their five children during the early 1920s. They are, left to right:

Harold G. Holston (1897-1959).
William Holston (1886-1927).
Bertha Holston (1884-1965).
George Henry Holston (1857-1936)
Nevada E. (Currier) Holston (1859-1931)
George T. Holston (1889-1962)
Thomas J. Holston (1890-1973)

Harold G. Holston and son bly-15 The fifth and youngest child of George H. and Nevada Holston was Harold G. Holston (1897-1959). Harold married Jennie Rebecca Hersey in 1916 at La Harbra in Orange County, California. Harold G. and Jennie lived at La Harbra had three children between 1918 and 1923. He died at Fresno, California. There children are:
Harold A. Holston (b. 1918).
D. Lorraine Holston (b. 1922).
Betty Sue Holston (1923-1923).
This is left to right: Harold A Holston and his dad, Harold G. Holston in 1953 in front of their home in Caruthers (Fresno County), California. The home is now occupied by Harold G.’s granddaughter, Lynda (Holston) Renner. (b-jpg/bly15.jpg).
Loraine Graham and granddaughter bly-14 This is Dorthy Lorraine Holston, the second child of Harold G and Jennie Holston. Her Grandfather was George H. Holston, who was the son of Francis Ann Bailey Holston. Lorraine was born in LaHarbra, Orange County, California in 1922. She married John Andrew Graham at the Baptist Church in Reno, Nevada in 1941. They had two children, John Andrew Graham (b. 1943) and Susan Rebecca Graham (b. 1946). Lorraine Graham's research was the key to Louisa Bailey's descendant's finding out about their Bailey ancestors. With Lorraine Graham in this picture is her great grandaughter, Leeya Graham. It was taken in 2005. Leeya is seven generations removed from her ancestors, George and Judy Bailey. (b-jpg/bly14.jpg).

Descendants of Amanda Bailey (Paxton)
(George and Julia Bailey’s Fifth Child)
Amanda Bailey Paxton's house bly-20 This is the farmhouse at Montrose, Missouri in which Amanda Bailey Paxton (1840-1920) lived and raised her family. Amanda was the fifth child of George and Judy Bailey. Amanda was born in Edgar County, Illinois and died at Independence, Missouri. She married Samuel Paxton in 1861 at a ceremony held in the Bailey household in Henry County, Missouri. Sam served in the militia (Union side) during the Civil War. After the war he operated the Montrose Steam Elevator at Montrose in Henry County. Amanda and Sam were members of the Missionary Baptist Church at Germantown in Henry County. (b-jpg/bly-20.jpg). The picture is borrowed from Mark Branch's Blog/Web page.

Amanda Bailey and Samuel Paxton had three children. They were:
George Bailey Paxton (1862-1910).
Mary G. Paxton (b.1866). married Reverend Sam M. Victor.
Frank Lawler Paxton (1875-1932), married as his second wife, Pauline Grace Cheatley in 1905.
George Bailey Paxton bly-19 This is George Bailey Paxton (1862-1910). The picture is borrowed from William McClung Paxton’s family history book We Are One (1903), via Mark Branch. (Click here for Mark Branch's web page, which gives the history of George Bailey Paxton.) George Bailey Paxton won a diploma from William Jewell College at Liberty, Missouri. He married first Grace Overhalsen (1869-1901) in 1893. They had two children:
George Burton Paxton (1896-1948), who married first Laura Oglesby in 1915 and Esther Peterson in 1931. George is buried Magnolia Cemetery in Briston, Oklahoma.
Clara Paxton (1899-1971), who married Sherman Calaway Jones in 1922. Clara is buried at Briston City Cemetery in Briston, Oklahoma.

Amanda Bailey Paxton helped care for these two children in Independence, Missouri after the early death of their father.

When his first wife died, George Bailey Paxton married Susan Botsford in 1903. They had one child, Elizabeth Paxton (1908-2000), who married Leon E. Gingvas. (b-jpg/bly-19.jpg).

The third child of Amanda Bailey and Samuel Paxton was Frank Lawler Paxton (1875-1932). Frank was born at Joplin, Missouri. In 1895 he joined his older brother, George Bailey Paxton (1862-1910), who was living out west. While in Arizona Frank volunteered to be in Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders when they invaded Cuba in 1898. After that adventure he re-enlisted in the regular army and was a sergeant. In later life he was an explosives expert and worked at large open-pit copper mines in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. He was also a Mason and a Democrat. He did not care for organized religion. He was married twice. His second wife was Pauline Grace Cheatley (1880-1942). He had one child by his first wife and three by his second wife. The children were:

Jessie Paxton (Magourian).
Samuel Paul Paxton (1907-1986)
Margaret Peggy “Peggy” Paxton (b. 1917) was born at Santa Rita, New Mexico and married twice, first to James Sidney Gray and then to Charles Edward Hopkins.
Amanda Beatrice “Bette” Paxton (b. 1919) was born in Santa Rita, New Mexico and married twice, first to Clyde Gray and then to Clifford Arch.
Amanda  Bailey 04-2-12 Pictured to the left are three descendents of Amanda Bailey Paxton, the fifth child of George and Judy Bailey and pictured with them are two descendants of Amanda's older sister, Louisa. Left to right: Bette Paxton Arch, Margaret “Peggy” Paxton Hopkins (Dick’s mother), Richard Paul “Dick” Gray (b. 1937), David Terrar (b. 1946, the son of Ed Terrar) and Ed Terrar (1920-2004) at Club House I in Leisure World, Maryland. Taken on Sunday 5/30/04, despite the date on the picture. Bette and Peggy are great grandchildren of George Bailey (d. 1861). George’s daughter Amanda Paxton (1840-1920) was their grandmother. Amanda’s older sister, Louisa Bailey Craig was Ed Terrar’s (1920-2004) great grandmother. That makes Ed Terrar and Dick Gray third cousins. With Louisa and her descendants living in Kansas and Amanda’s descendants out west, they have had only limited or no contact with each other and with their Missouri kinfolk. (b-jpg/04-2-12.jpg).
Mary and George Jr.  Bailey

Descendants of Mary A. Bailey (Blaylock)
(George and Judy Bailey’s Eighth Child)

bly-4 The eighth child of George and Judy Bailey was Mary A. Bailey (1847-alive 1947). She was born at Shiloh Township in Edgar County, Illinois. She married William Henry Blaylock (1843-1915). He was a farmer. They had seven children between 1866 and 1883. Mary is pictured here in 1942 at age 95 with her younger brother George W. Bailey, who was age 92. George W. was the ninth child of George and Judy Bailey. The picture was sent in 2001 by Mr. and Mrs. Chester Redford in Clinton, Missouri. Chester descends from George W. Bailey. (b-jpg/bly-4.jpg).

Mary celebrated her hundredth birthday in 1947. A newspaper article described the celebration:
“Town to Honor Woman, 100”
Mrs. Mary Blaylock of Gentry, Mo., Has 116 Descendants.

A large percentage of the 200 residents of Gentry, Mo., will attend the hundredth birthday anniversary of Mrs. Mary Blaylock Sunday. Mrs. Blaylock, called Grandma by friends as well as relatives has had 116 descendants.
Grandma Blaylock was born in Illinois and came to Missouri in 1860. While living in Henry County, she saw her father and brother dragged from the cabin and killed by bushwhackers. She remembers that her mother buried coverlets in a wooden grain box outside the cabin to keep them from being stolen. Mrs. Blaylock has one of the coverlets.
Mrs. Blaylock traveled to Gentry County with her husband, Henry Blaylock, in 1865. It took them nine days by covered wagon. They built a cabin of round poles and chinked with mud. The chimney was made of blue grass sod. Mrs. Blaylock said the wolves and panthers were annoying.
“The first panther I heard I though it was a woman screaming,” Mrs. Blaylock said.
Mrs. Blaylock pieced 162 quilts from 1932 to 1937. Three years ago she stopped making quilts and began knitting rugs and wash rags. The Blaylocks had seven children, two of whom are living. Mrs. Blaylock lives with her son, Charlie Blaylock. A daughter, Mrs. Leonard Kier, also lives in Gentry. Henry Blaylock died in 1915. Mrs. Blaylock is a charter member of the Baptist church in Gentry.
Descendants of George W. Bailey
(George and Julia Bailey’s Ninth Child)
George W. Bailey bly-1 The ninth child of George Bailey and Judy Howard Bailey was George W. Bailey (1850-alive 1942). Here George W. is pictured with his wife, Margaret Ann Long Bailey (1857-1939) and a grandson. George W. was a farmer, a Republican and a Baptist. He obtained 80 acres from his father-in-law and in 1900 had a mortgage on his farm. He and Margaret Ann had three children. Only one of the three, Henry Calvin Bailey (1875-1965), made it to adulthood. The picture is from the Henry County Genealogy Page, which in turn took it from the Anonymously written, The History of Henry and St. Clair counties, Missouri, containing a history of their cities, towns, biograhical sketches of their citizens, (St. Joseph, Missouri, National historical company, 1883), xii [9]-1224pp. Besides his picture, George W.'s biography is also in this book and it has been put on line by the Henry County Missouri Genealogy Page. Click here to view this on-line biography of George W. Bailey. (b-jpg/bly-1.jpg).
Tina Bailey Redford bly-5 As noted above, the only child of George W. Bailey to reach adulthood was Henry Calvin Bailey. Henry's first wife was Daisy Tinsley (b. 1879). Later he married Bettie Stone. With Daisy, Henry had five children between 1896 and 1907. He had no children with Bettie. The fifth child of Daisy and Henry was Tinsley "Tina" Bailey (1907-1999). Tina married Clark Cary (b. 1899) in 1923 and had one child. They divorced and she married Robert Archie Redford (1897-1978) in 1927. Archie and Tina had four children. The first of their children was Chester Lee Redford (b. 1928). Chester married Doris Jean Sickles (b. 1933) in 1951 at Clinton, Missouri. This is a picture of Chester and Doris Jean at the time of their marriage. (b-jpg/bly-5.jpg).
Tina Bailey Redford bly-6 This is another picture of George W. Bailey's great grandson, Chester Redford and his wife Doris Jean . They were celebrating fifty years of marriage at the Northeast Baptist Church Fellowship Hall in Clinton, Missouri on August 26, 2001. (b-jpg/bly-6.jpg).


  • 3.1 Click here for a downloadable copy of "The Civil War from the View of Laboring People: Agrarian Reform or Tragedy?” Mid-America (Chicago: Loyola University Press), vol. 84, nos. 1-3 (Winter/Summer/Fall 2002), pp. 55-100 [H4-B-A3.doc]. This is an account of George and Judy Bailey's family life from their origins in Kentucky to their homesteading in Indiana, Illinois and Missouri to George's death in the Civil War and Judy and the family's life thereafter.

  • 3.2 Click here for a downloadable copy of "Laboring People and the Civil War as an Agrarian Reform Movement," Lincoln Herald (Harrogate, Tennessee: Lincoln Memorial University Press), vol. 104, no. 3 (Fall 2003), pp. 99-136 [H4-B-A2.doc/Box 1.8.2, pt. 1]. This is more on George and Judy Bailey's family life from their origins in Kentucky to their homesteading in Indiana, Illinois and Missouri to George's death in the Civil War and Judy and the family's life thereafter.

  • 3.3 Click here for a downloadable copy of Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Terrar-Gergen-Craig-Elias Family History in Coffeyville and Cherryvale, Kansas, in Edgar County, Illinois, in Perkinsville, New York and in Tylorstown, Wales (Silver Spring, Maryland: CWP, 1994, 135pp.), by Toby Terrar. (This includes some mention of the Bailey family in its discussion of the Craigs. Louisa Bailey married George Craig.

  • 3.4 Rosemary Corley Neal, Tidewater to Texas: The Scarlocks and their Wives: Norman, Turk, Hendrick, Roe, and allied lines (Chelsea, Michigan: BookCrafters, 1998) 719pp. p. 11-15 (contains information about the Scurlocks/Schurlocks in North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia, who were ancestors of Julia Howard Bailey).

  • 3.5 Evelyn Chiles and Jessie Hart, The Long Family History (Clinton, Missouri: The Printery, 1981), pp. 115-118. (This has information about George W. Bailey and Margaret Ann Long Bailey. George W. Bailey was the son of George and Judy Bailey).

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