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Those Not So Easy To Categorize Sites &/or Scientific/Psychological Sites Related to this Subject:

Council on Spiritual Practices

EHE Emotional Human Experience Network

TASTE The Archive of Scientist's Transcendental Experiences

Something from Nothing?

The nothing that is everything Mathmatical eplanations on spirituality

Spiritual Humanism

The Great God Hoax

Universal Ministries

Robert Anton Wilson:

RAW Online Library

Some Links (to RAW and other info too)

A History By Wikenpedia (who else?)

"God Shaped Hole" An Essay

The New Man

Contrast, Compare, & Symbolize:

Symbol Glossary

Sacred Text Archive Look up almost any sacred text

Quiz:What's your belief match? Silly But Fun... another what's your religion match quiz site

Omega Point Institute

'proofs' for and against god's existance

On the Psychology of Spiritual Movements

The Ambiguity of Matter Essay

Virtual Religion Index

AHIMSA a nonprofit organization dedicated advancing a nonviolent world by exploring impacts our awareness

World Religions Photo Library

World Scripture: A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts