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"The apple cannot be stuck back on the Tree of Knowledge; once we begin to see, we are doomed and challenged to seek the strength to see more, not less."- Arthur Miller

"Education is only a ladder to gather fruit from the tree of knowledge, not the fruit itself"- Anonymous


First and foremost, if you are a Christian, before reading any of my site’s information please note:

I do not engage in religious debates. Intelligent spiritual discussions, however, are not only a possibility but something I highly enjoy. If you do not immediately see the difference between these, please don’t bother- You will only frustrate the both of us.

Also, please understand that I have read the Bible (several times). I have, at one point in my past, been highly involved in what was then my church. I truly believed that Jesus was the one and only way to god, and that I had a “personal relationship” with him. I understand the standpoint Christians come from through personal experience. I am not “backslidden” or “lost”, I simply do not believe in the Bible anymore. I am, simply, no longer a Christian.

I feel not guilt at the story of Jesus’ death. (Per Christian definitions) I am not afraid of, nor do I believe in your version of god or your version of the devil… (Point in case, however, if I did believe in and fear them that would be all the more reason for me not to worship them. I refuse to serve a god based on fear that it will send me to hell. That is not a loving god and that is not a true belief in him.) …Therefore, I do not believe in “Heaven” or “Hell”, and I do not feel the desire to go to one or avoid the other.

If you still so do get the point, or would like further clarification, please refer to this Note to Christians. I ran across this after expressing these opinions to a friend of mine who quickly brought up this site on his computer. While it is not my work, it expresses my opinion almost perfectly- and a little more bluntly.


Traditional & Religious Beliefs

Countless nights of my life have been spent sitting up pouring through both spiritual and religous sites. This is an extrememly small portion of the rescources I've found- they're listed quazi-alphabetically. Please keep in mind these are BRIEF, GENERAL descriptions, meant to be an introduction to different trains of thought.

Other Spiritual Beliefs and Essays Not so easy to categorize sites and essays on spirituality and science. These links also contain sites that contrast & compare beliefs and search engines for everything from sacred texts to symbols.

Mythology Sites and Search Engines

Fun Stuff Completely random, sometimes fun sites found in times of immense boredom... and some Jesus humor too.


Links to several different parties- I hate debating either with the uninformed or while uninformed myself. This also contains some political humor and some conspiracy theory sites. What the hell, right? Sometimes they’re whacked out and sometimes there's a possibility there on to something.