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Welcome to ¡Aspirex! Online. Under the pseudonym Edicon Q. ¡Aspirex!, I hope to enhance your life through the variety of educational, subjective or idiotic documents now on this site. So, please select one of the below options.

1. ¡Aspirex! Philosophies: Enjoy a life-altering philosophical experience by reading through ¡Aspirex!'s collection of philosophies, presented in a series of 26-philosophy lessons, guaranteed to enhance the way you live your life. (Note: Non-legally binding guarantee)
2. History of the AFL: A look back through the changes in teams' names and participation in the AFL since 1897, as well as a record of premierships.
3. History of the NRL: If you've been viewing this site in number order, it would not surprise you to learn that what lies behind this link is exactly the same as for link number 2, except that it's about Rugby League, not football.
4. History of the VFL: This is another mindless sport history page, this time about the VFA/VFL, the second biggest league in Victoria for football. It is much more complicated and is less reliable.
5. ¡Aspirex!'s Charts: This section is a run-down of my favourite songs of each year.
6. ¡Aspirex!'s Dictionary O Words: Oh, you're going to love this one. It's a large number of words which can be spelt with the letters of my name! How cool is that? Hah? Hah?
7. The Wizard of Aus: It may sound a little clich´┐Ż to do a parody of the Wizard of Oz, particularly one with such a similar name, but I was recently involved with a stageplay to that nature and decided to write the novel version of it. That version lies within this link.
8. The Table of Champions: This is a fairly simple concept; a table which documents the winners of all important sporting competitions in the world since 1861 - in football: the VFL/AFL, the VFA/VFL, the SANFL, the WAFL, the TFA/STFA/TFL/TANFL/TSL, the NTFA, the NWFU, the NTFL and the SFL premier league; in rugby, the NSWRL/ARL/NRL, and the QRL/BRL/QC; the Melbourne Cup; in US Sports, the NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL/AFL; in other hockey, the AIHL; in cricket, the Sheffield Shield and Australian One-Day Domestic competition; and, in performing arts, the Eurovision Song Contest. In additional, there are a bunch of normalised statistics comparing the best and worst teams from the different leagues with each other. I shall point out that, as only important leagues are included, no soccer league will ever appear.
9. Fun Card Games for Young and Old: Within this page are details of a bunch of card games I play, but that you wouldn't find in reputable card game books because they aren't really all that reputable.
10. Tasmanian Football Genealogy: an attempt to chronologise the complicated history of Tasmianian football.