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The Fort Smith Anti-Yard Nazi Website

YN Rick Ruth hard at work

Code Enforcement Staff
Rick Ruth, Property Maintenance Inspector
David Smith, Property Maintenance Inspector
Kelly Arnold, Property Maintenance Inspector
Dean Polk, Property Maintenance Inspector
Crystal Emberton, Environmental Codes Coordinator
Mayor & Directors
C. Ray Baker, Jr.
4420 Victoria Dr / 72904
Term Expiration: 12-31-06
Director-Position 1
Kenneth Pyle
Ward 1
1404 Oak Knolls Cir / 72903
Term Expiration: 12-31-08
Director-Position 2
Velvet Medlock-Graham
Ward 2
820 North 12th Street / 72901
Term Expiration: 12-31-08
Director-Position 3
Alaric Parrish
Ward 3
3016 Edinburgh Dr / 72908
Term Expiration: 12-31-08
Director-Position 4
Bill Maddox
Ward 4
6405 South Fresno / 72903
Term Expiration: 12-31-08
Director-Position 5
Gary W. Campbell
2711 Reeder / 72901
Term Expiration: 12-31-06
Director-Position 6
Ben H. Shipley
3216 South Cliff Dr / 72903
Term Expiration: 12-31-06
Director-Position 7
Dr. Cole Goodman
9617 Painter Dr / 72903
Term Expiration: 12-31-06

When bad things happen to good people...

Yard Nazi: 'yärd 'nät-sE, noun, 1: a person or group not satisfied unless they come into your yard and force you to live by their rules. Often their actions result in fines, liens, confiscation of property, and in one case, jail time, with little or no due process or recourse.


The man in the picture to the left is Rick Ruth, an employee of the City of Fort Smith, Arkansas. What is he doing, one may ask? He is walking around a deserted alley, using a video camera to spy on a startled taxpaying citizen. This has become a far too common sight in Fort Smith's older and poorer neighborhoods.

The star of Inspector Ruth's little video was a grouping of 3 vintage automobiles and 2 more modern vehicles, sitting behind a stockade fence that was erected several years ago at the direction of the City Code Department. At that time the homeowner was told the new fence would satisfy the Yard Nazis. The vintage cars in question have lived at this same address for a combined total of 87 years.

The City of Fort Smith is waging a taste war on the North side of town. We intend to show that good decent citizens are being, at best harassed, at worst terrorized, fined and robbed, not in the name of safety, but because a handful of comfortable people want all of us to be just like them.



With the recent implementation (01-01-2005) of the dubiously named International Property Maintenance Code on just a portion of Fort Smith, you guessed it, the North side, the Code Enforcement Department's power and reach has been extended to dangerous proportions.