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this webpage was created out of nostalgia/boredom and was given to you to fill that same void.

originally i had an alphabetical listing of each and every single one of you and was going to make one page/person. i then realized that that was insane and would take forever. so, please don't be offended if you are put into a 'category.' although it would be ideal to do it the other way, it is much too time consuming. also, i have no idea what the best resolution is to view this site. with my luck, it isn't yours... so if that's the case, im sorry in advance. however, i think you'll live even though it will look like crap. so, now that that is said, feel free to take a gander.

also, please note that this will be updated periodically as long as we keep having parties, keep gathering on random south oakland'ers porches and keep the fun times a-rollin.

please wait a few minutes for each page to load as some of you are just that cool that i've got a bazillion pictures of you. if you want anything added, you know where to find me.

special thanks to those listed to the left for being some of greatest people i've met thus far and for making my life so much brighter.



friends are like wedgies. they're intimately close. they know your inner self. and it feels great when you pick out a good one.
thank you for being my wedgie.