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Last updated: 7/28

This website is dedicated to my 1984 Porsche 928S. My name is Paul and I live in New Orleans. I'm a rennlist member and my user ID is criket876. I hope to use this site to document the restoration of the car. If you have any comments whatsoever, feel free to email me. All of this began in June and probably will last until I sell the car...if I want to sell the car when I'm "done." Anyway, my previous two cars were a Saturn then a Miata in that order--I had never driven any V-8 before, much less a Porsche(even if it is barely a Porsche at this point). Because this site will be constantly "under construction," I may re-organize it frequently and add pictures and substance even more frequently. If you happen to find a bad link or picture or If anyone can offer me any help with my car or if I can be of any help to other 928 owners out there, email me(my adress is on the bottom of this page)!

7/28 : I finally figured out my blinker situation--I backfed power through the wiring until I isolated the problem: the hazard light switch.(Thanks, Uncle Mike) I already had a new one on the way, ordering it on a hunch and it came in the next day. I installed the switch and suddenly things came back to life: blinkers(though they blinked at double the normal speed, which I'm assuming means there is a break in the circuit somewhere), the speedometer, voltmeter(I think), gas guage(though it is a little sticky, tending to go quickly to half a tank and slowly thereafter), hazard lights, and the odometer. With all of this accomplished, I was able to get a brake tag. Due to a serious lack of attention I almost didn't get it because of a loose horn connection, but all went well. Since then, I ordered a new antenna(it's half installed), stripped most of the interior(I'll talk about this later, and check the pics in the Interior section), and re-wired the U pin-connector. I've ordered lots of other cool stuff and some has come in and is half installed, other things have yet to arrive. I installed new front windshield wipers and got the digital clock to work. In the engine compartment I have fixed my transmission fluid cap and fixed the intake tubes enough for them to work. The switch I installed for the cooling fan was not the correct amperage, so I am re-wiring a new one. Soon I will re-wire the dome light, too. To the interior.... With the car mostly stripped, I decided that I am not going to replace the rear seats. I'll cover the whole back section with carpet. That will save me lots of time and money that I don't have because I wont't have to recover all that leather and have the seats re-upholstered and it will give the car a cool custom coupe look. To give it some added function I will either put subwoofers where the seats were or leave it empty with the seatbelts still installed as storage space or an emergency seat. Another added bonus is lots of stuff to list on ebay and scrounge some more funds... So, what is your opinion, subs(when I get the money) or leave it empty. Another question is whether I should re-cover the rear quarter panels in leather or cover the space with carpet. I don't think it would look funky with carpet because the whole rest of the back will be carpet, but then again, leather is nice and so is a stock look. Save time by not re-covering them with leather? Please Email me with yall's opinions, thanks.

Work needed
(in no particular order)
  • install new antenna
  • install new fan switch
  • fix carpet
  • fix a sticky gas guage
  • fix a couple loose pod switches
  • replace instrument lights
  • Engine temp gauge
  • fix my dash
  • restore leather on rear quarters
  • new seats!
  • need alignment?
  • secure LP better
  • get new brake pads? rear left rotor may need to be replaced
  • fix center console
  • fix digital clock
  • fix cigar lighter
  • restore leather on doors
  • door is misalighned
  • passenger side fog light lens
  • Fix shorted roof light
  • A/C!
  • rear wipers don't move
  • passenger side door light
  • repair outside rust and repaint

The parts warehouse, the dealership, and the mechanic.
  • replace rear light covers
  • chrome rims
  • spare keys made
  • replace or re-weld hood hinge
  • replace front grill
  • new front hood shocks
  • perform a RMB
  • install a super pimp sound system
  • new window tint
  • buy a spoiler
  • New tires
  • New shocks
  • Custom air intake tubes

Blood, sweat, and tears....