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Shark's first bite: The Story

The first-sighting

I found my first Porsche in the parking lot of mini-storage place in Boutte, LA. I had seen an article in the Times-Picayune, and since I was already out car shopping that day, I decided to take a look at it. I honestly never expected to buy it. And once I got there, I became even more convinced I would never buy it! For one, it was an automatic and I was really looking for a manual transmission. Besides that, it needed lots of TLC! The owner assured me that the engine was in top notch condition *except that the intake tubes needed to be replaced. He told me that he owned a restoration shop and had done all the work himself since he bought the car from its original owner in Slidell. Well he told me lots of things most of which turned out to be true. To make a long story short, I took the car for a spin(or more correctly I drove the car while listening to it growl), and before I knew it I was topping 100mph, which I was unaware of at the time because the speedometer wasn't working! He warned me about my speed--which I found out later is easily calculated using the RPM's--and I was stunned because the car was handling so freakin well! It did not feel like that speed at all(or rather it felt a whole lot tighter up there then the miata did. Anyway, I thought the price was very reasonable so he sold it to me.

Day 1

Well I guess I got two bad omens from the getgo: As soon as I got back onto the interstate on the way home, it began to rain--and I don't mean a light drizzle--it poured like God was unleashing the totallity of his omnipotent wrath and anger at the little black car. The strange thing was that the skies had been clear all day.... I was already in unfamiliar territory way out in Boutte(and without a cell phone as I had left it at my girlfriend's house earlier on), but the car did not make the trip any easier. First of all, the car was very dirty; the front windshield wipers(thank God!)actually worked, however all they did was spread dirt around. The old window tint was peeling in a few places, and the inside windows had some kind of sticky scum spread on them. Since the A/C didn't work and I had to keep the windows rolled up because of the rain, the inside fogged up within seconds. The rear windshield wiper did not work at all. All of this I had known beforehand, and I swear they were first on my list to fix; unfortunatley, I would have to get home alive. Well I couldn't see out the back at all and within mere seconds I couldn't see in front of me. The trip home on the interstate was one of intense sweat, prayer, concentration, and frequent pull-overs(all the time hoping I would not run into a concrete barrier and trying to stay in the right lane and out of the way of speeding traffic)! Well after 3.5 hours I made it home in one piece. My bad luck wasn't over for that day however. Later on, I decided to show off my car to my girlfriend and pick up my cell phone in case anything else happened. I arrived fine except that my cell phone was deadand had no problems until the trip home. My gas guage didn't work properly and I hadn't yet headed the owner's advice to get gas--wellI ran out of gas on the top of the CCC. Terrific I thought. Just plain terrific. Grand even? And my cell phone is dead; I think these were the only two emergencies I've ever had since I've gotten my phone. Figures, huh? Well eventually a tow truck driver stops(of course after I walk down almost all the way down the bridge) and charges me $35 to get some gas. Why fill up that empty gas container he has sitting in his truck when he can charge more to let people like me get gas for themselves. At the end of the day, all I could think was what more could you expect from a car that when new came with a built in tool kit.

Day 2

I'll keep this short and sweet. First thing I do is try to get a brake tag, even though I know my blinkers don't work(but maybe they won't check?). Well of course I get denied and on the way home I get pulled over for an expired brake tag. Great again.

Now I am in the process of fixing my car right. Check out the other pages for more detailed info.

But that Porsche crest on the V-8 does look pretty, doesn't it? Yup, pretty dirty. But nothing a little degreaser can't fix, right?