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2006 Crowder's Mountain 50K
Courtesy of Sam B, Eliza, Doom & Ray K.

Ray, Sam, Bobbi, and Eliza, thanks a million. It is great that you all stepped in to make Crowders happen again. Hopefully the connector trail to Kings Mountain National Park will be finished soon so that the run will take on some new terrain in the future.

Claude Sinclair

They came, they ran, they all finished. 22 starters, 22 finishers. Three no shows, and a race director that got sick leaving Ray K as a last minute replacement co-director to Sam Baucom's great prep (along with Sam's wife Bobbi) The race went off in honor of founder Claude Sinclair, and a great time was had by all, or almost all, or something like that.

Crowders Mountain Results
April 29, 2006
Gastonia, North Carolina

1. Brian Kistner 4:40:16
2. Chris Cowart 5:03:59
3. Richard Lilly 5:05:35
4. Jonathan Savage 5:08:04
5. Byron Backer 5:14:30
6. John Cole 6:03:04
7. Scott McColloch 6:05:03
8. Denise Davis 6:05:40 First female
9. Mike Brannon 6:09:11
10. Tony Rouse 6:28:01
11. Travis Cowan 6:31:54
12. Brian Beduhn 6:37:11
13. Phillip Webster 6:39:43
14. Susan Dumar 7:03:28 Second female
15. Fred Dumar 7:03:29
16. Larry Hyde 7:04:37
17. Bill Keane 7:04:38
18. John Bradley 7:07:11
19. Keith Wood 7:33:45
20. Lynn Difiore 7:45:30 Third female
21. Eric Steen 7:58:34
22. Don Jans 9:17:16


Only a few weeks ago Mrs. Doom did not meet her running expectations at the Umstead 100. About the same time word was passed that Crowders 50K would make a comeback after a one year absence. What better way to get back to running than a nice, easy 50k to shake the legs out...A big thanks to Sam Baucom for jumping in to RD this event, and provide a venue for Ray K to get volunteer hours for Vermont.

Crowders 50K - A runner from hell (RFH) race, normally Race Directed by RFH front man Claude Sinclair. The course is an out and back repeated 3 times. 3 Repeats = 6 climbs of Crowders mountain. Up the mountain, down the back side, Turn around, Up the back side, down to the start finish. The gain is roughly 800-850 feet a climb for a total gain/loss of 4800-5100 feet.

Sam added a third aid station this year at the bottom of the steps coming off crowders. This made it virtually impossible for folks to miss the turn coming off the mountain and provided a nice place to grab a "coke" for some quick stair climing fuel to get you back over the mountain on the way back.

It was a perfect day for running. Temps stayed in the 60s, plenty of shaded trails, with the mountain flowers in bloom. Susan and I started off at the back of pack and kept nice even splits throughout the day (except for a little extra sand bagging on the second out leg). We had a nice run and the course brought some of the field back to us by the end. Ray K was at the start finish to announce splits, and take photos in the event of disputed finish order...He also gave Susan lots of congratulatory hugs...Hmmmm (-;

At the end Sam presented what appeared to be Sinclair "original" finisher plaques and provided what has to be the Dooms' favorite race shirt of the year (Crowders Mountain "The Punisher"). All in all a great event, many thanks to Sam and all the volunteers.

Folks put this one on your calendar, it is a great run. The new park ranger ran the 50K yesterday so I think the friction with the park staff might be over.

We're off to MMT.

Regards, Doom