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The Booty Rumble; or How Long can this Madness Go On ??? 50K :)

2008 Booty Rumble Race photos are available at: 2008 Booty Rumble

This was the Inaugaural TSI Booty Rumble and the wonderful idea of Ms Pokey (President of all the First State Slugs). Eleven athletes showed up at the starting line, three (first time Slugs) of which would go on to earn the famed Slug Shirt. However, all participants received the Booty Rumble T-shirt; and will treasure them for eternity.

Starting line instructions included the normal pre-race briefing. Aside from the Flying Blind Squirrels, Rancid Hoved Bovinian Deer, and Great Striped Delaware Pit Vipers (diving at runners from the calypso trees); our main concern was the Heat. Being the first day of Summer in the Mid-Atlantic is always a crap shoot at best. And today is got hott(sic), and humid. While most of the course is well-shaded this time of year, runners can not hide from the humidity.

From the Syracuse area of New York, driving all through the night for a Slug Shirt, was David Hoff. He maintained his easy smile and calm demeanor throughout the event, slowly pulling away during the second half of the race to win. From nearby Easton, Maryland, and FOD (Friends of Derek) was the first female finisher. Ms. Lori Callahan maintained a steady pace all day, avoiding the dastardly wildlife and managing the stifling heat to win in her very first ultra attempt. Just behind her came another FOD (though ain't we all) Mike Valliant with a solid finish.

Next in was The Grand Poobah himself; Mr. Derek "The man with a Thousand & One Nicknames" Hill. He's made a habit of grinding out Slug finishes over the past several years; and time spent with him is always a time of joy and adventure. Today the heat made it a bit more difficult; but he still rumbled,stumbled and clawed through steady and strong. At the finish line he cooled off by bathing in a tub of ice water and sugging some Ginger Brandy. No need to fear...we do have pictures :) The final 50K finisher was Eddie Murphy in his second Slug finish of 2008. For this Crazy Horse Award winner; Pokey presented the Slugg Mugg. Rumour in Slugland has it that Mr.Murphy may soon be bestowed a more fitting Slugname...perhaps "Plugged PP." Time will tell :)

On the 25K side John Straub and Craig See enjoyed an easy morning stroll, dancing around the Pit Vipers and through the heat; with Craig working his way towards the 50K distance and the famed Slug shirt. First female was Andrea Berninger with her second Slug Victory of 2008. She shared with us that she'll soon be living in Maryland; and we look forward to seeing much more of her. The next gang of finishers was led in by the Undisputed Queen of the Glamazons, Ms.Anne Thrax. While I am unable to divulge details (or identities) of the Exploits of the Glamazons; no doubt, much, much more is coming.

So another successful chapter closes in the Slugs Book of Life. And what a sweet little story it was. Folks, these are Good People. The Slugs, still here, still slogging, and still drinking beer. Next up is the Slugs 20th Anniversary Run in September. Right here on the Slug course. Please reserve your spot soon at Slug finishers will be awarded the 20th Anniversary Slugg Beer Stein. You don't want to miss that :)

TSI's Booty Rumble
Kent County, Delaware
June 21st, 2008

50K Results

1. David Groff NY M 5:11:00
2. Lori Callahan MD F 5:40:00
3. Mike Valliant MD M 5:48:00
4. Derek Hill MD M 5:52:00
5. Eddie Murphy PA M 6:42:00

25K Results

1. John Straub DE M 2:49:00
1. *Craig See DE M 2:49:00
3. *Andrea Berninger NC F 2:52:00
4. Amanda Bundek DE F 4:00:00
4. Heather Valachovik VT F 4:00:00
4. Linda Gallagher PA F 4:00:00

15 K Results

1. Debbie Straub DE F 2:12:00

* Andrea B. completed 35K in 4:19
* Craig S. completed 30K in 3:44