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* * It can cut traveling time by more than half the usual for a train.

* * It is much more enviromentally friendly than other gas operated trains.

* * It may be an expensive investment, but afterwards the operating cost are minimal.

* * It uses a state of the art concept of reusing energy.

* * The magnets are so strong that it makes it not even comparible in safety to the traditional trains.

* *The United States has plans for 2 maglev railroads in the near future. One connecting from Washington DC to a region of Virginia, and the other from Denver International Airport to a nearby city.

* *Roundtrip tickets will be around $50 a passenger.

* *These trains start on wheels and switch to magnets after gaining speed.

* *Trains such as these unfortunately billion dollar project, but to gain a step in the future we need to act.

Be Amazed. Be Imaginative. Be Smart. Invest in our Future!
Why Invest in Maglev Transportation?