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Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut project

Music: 0% Extras: 0%

Planning: 5%

Hi, my name is Mega Man 5. I am a huge fan of the Sonic Adventure series. The first game was a blast on the Sega DreamCast, now it's even better on the GameCube. However, I wasn't able to leave my DreamCast version behind. Why? Because I haven't been able to fully enjoy Sonic Adventure DX. The addition of the Mission Mode, and all 12 Sonic Game Gear games is cool, but the music, and sound effects were the problem. Emerald Coast part 1, IMO, was one of the most beautiful tunes I've ever heard in the DreamCast version. In the GCN version, the tune was CUT IN HALF. This was most likely due to the extra features, but I doubt SADX uses the entire GCN disc space. DreamCast discs have 1 Gigabyte of memory, which is 1,000 Mega-Bytes. GameCube discs have 1.5 Giga-Bytes of memory, which is 1,500 Mega-Bytes. 500 Mega-Bytes. I highly doubt Sonic Adventure used the entire DreamCast space. Even if it did, there is no way adding twelve Game Gear games (All twelve take up about 3 Mega-Bytes total) and a Mission Mode would take up 500 Mega-Bytes. Ok, Sega added more than just that: A Free Camera Mode, a Rumble Feature, Metal Sonic as a playable character and Dolby Pro Logic II. They also added a Chao transporter to the Chao garden, a menu screen with various features, and two new tunes. A Black Market was added, so players can use their collected Rings to buy about 20 new items, with new musc heard in the market. Some voices were also added. All this takes up approxmatly 460 Mega-Bytes. Again, I doubt the DreamCast version took up the 1,000 Mega-Bytes on the disc, so there could be a good 150 Mega-Bytes left unused on the GCN disc. Compression wasn't used in the Emerald Coast part 1 tune, but it was used in five others as well:

  • *Emerald Coast Part 2
  • *Options screen
  • *Casinopolis: Dilapidated Way
  • *Tikal's theme
  • *Station Square

    Not only that, but some sound effects were cut while playing the game, and over 30 were removed in the sound test. You don't even get the freedom to flood Mystic Ruins.

    That's the reason of this project. I am going to include the full versions of the above music, include all sounds in-game and in the sound test, and include the ability to flood Mystic Runs to give player's the most complete Sonic Adventure ever.

    Bonus: If there is enough disc space left after including the above features, I'll update the Mini-Game Collection part of the game, so it is similar to Sonic Mega Collection: The manuals, box arts, and other features will be included as extras!

    Once I actually get something done, videos will be posted on this page, so you can see what I've done.