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Here's Phantom on land.
*This picture was drawn by me, so don't steal it (not like you'd want to though, lol)*

As you're walking through a forest, you here a faint, hypnotizing song. Then you see a black peophin in the form of a horse quietly walking. He seems so sad, so lonely. You approach him...

"What do you want? Why do you want to see me? I want to see no one!
Since you won't leave, I'll tell you what you want to know, but then you MUST leave!!

I was born in this forest long ago, and I don't plan on leaving. If anyone stays here, they must do as I say, or they will suffer the consequences! Every night I sing my songs, songs of sweet seduction that is, trying to find someone who live their life with me here in my forest.
Many mares have been through here, but they become frightened when the spell of my song has worn off, and leave in terror. I did know one mare, however, who stayed even after my song wore off. She left, though. Some other stallion came through and stole her from me! I will find out where he has taken my love, and he shall never see the light of day again! He is the reason I suffer so much!

You know enough about my life! NOW LEAVE!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!

::|Physical Features|::

Phantom is a black peophin with a dark red mane and tail. He has four dark red stockings. He always wears a white mask to hide his face. He will only remove it if he finds his true love. He also has a red rose above his left hind leg. If he's really depressed (which is often) it may disappear.

He usually won't battle, but he surely doesn't mind fighting. He will REALLY want to fight you if you steal his mare. So.. I suggest you don't.


There was one mare.. but she was stolen by another peophin. He still searches for the one. Every night and sometimes during the day, he'll sing his seductive songs. The mares hear it and they are drawn to him, they're basically under a hypnotic love spell. Then when the spell wears off, he knows if the mare truely loves him (if they stay). Then, if the mare really loves him, he'll reveal his face.


I have a sister, Aquene, and a sort of half brother, Shae, but I don't talk to them.. I never see them since I don't leave my forest, and they don't come see me. Here's some of my new herd though..

This is Crypt. He's the Leader of the Herd. He's also a very strong leader. I feel safe with this herd because of him.

This is Rebel. I also don't know much him either.

This is Atropos. I don't really know much about her yet.

This is Pikrearra. She can copies anyone's traits, and use give them to herself.

There are more, but I'll add them later.

::|Want to be my friend|::
If you heard my song, tell Seymour and she'll tell you where to find me.

Phantom gallops away, singing his sweet song.

I (Seymour) went to see Phantom of the Opera, and I LOVED it so much that I decided to name a pet after it. Phantom has some of the same characteristics, but some are different. One big difference is, PhantomCry isn't hidious like the real Phantom from the play. One similarity is, he'll kill anyone who gets in his way of finding his true love.. without hesitation.