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~*The Monika Story*~

Once upon a time, there was a sweet little girl named Monika Danielle Tse who was born July 12 1988, Downtown Toronto, where she lived with her mom, dad and older brother, Chloe.

Monika was a typical younger sister who enjoyed annoying her ChloŽ while playing with her favourite doll, Geri (her cabbage patch kid) all at the same time. She was a very mult-talented little girl.

Other then that - she was also used to company visiting her house such as her friends, Jazmine, Lindsey, Amanda, Jesse and Tyler. They did everything together, from sitting in the house, watching movies to going to Wonderland and hanging out in Kid's Ville or Ontario Place because her grandfather owned a resturant at Ontario Place. They were all around the same age and always had a blast together, they were also Monika's dad's best friends children so they'd see each other on weekly basis.

When Monika turned 4 years old, she went to Junior Kindergarten at Withrow Public School with older brother, ChloŽ who was in grade 2. It was fun for Monika at school, where she ate hold fishes and finger painted with her best friend Kristen, not to mention her b-e-a-uuutiful sticker collection she'd trade off.

When Senior Kindergarten came around, Monika and her family moved to Scarborough. However, it didn't change her arrangments of spending mornings at her grandparents house before going to her afternoon classes.

By grade 1, she found a new best friend named Jane. They were both like twins. They had the exact smae interest and thoughts that created a special bond between them.

At the end of grade 2, and the beginning of grade 2, Monika lost all contact with her best friend, when she started going to school at Bridlewood Junior Public School, in Scarborough. Of course, like most children, it was difficult adjusting to change so she'd spend her time with older brother, Chloe and his friends who were in grade 6.

By grade 4, Monika had to find her own friends, where she got to know Marlee, Nicole, Heba, Natalie, Biola and Victoria. They'd spend their time playing games non-stop.

Monika was a very happy kid and had about the same life style until grade 7. Then she started going to J.B. Tyrrell Junior High. Tyrrell was currupting with all the exposure for little naÔve Monika.

Now - Monika is in Macdonald and enjoys hanging out with her friends/family. Mainly favourite aunties, Janette and Virgina, uncles, Peter, Edwin and Warren, childhood friends, Lindsey, Jazmine, Jesse, Tyler, Amanda, Randall and Rick. Not to mention - best friends, Marlee, Fred, Julie, Kevin, Raheem, Stefanie, Melissa, Anjelica, Genevieve, Ghormathie and...a bunch of other people.

Future - Monika wishes to do social studies. 3 marriages. 3 divorces. AND living with older brother, ChloŽ.