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HiMax for sale

HiMax specifications
Engine - Rotax 277 25hp
Weight - 310 lb
Stall speed - 30 mph
Climb - 700 fpm @ 48 mph
Cruise speed - 72 mph @ 5900 rpm
Top speed - 80 mph @ 6500 rpm

The airplane has been recently completely refinished in and out with all new aircraft polyurethane paint (Aerothane). The engine has fresh new top overhaul this is the second one , first was done at 300 hours. Total time is 630 hours on the engine and airframe. Options include composite spring landing gear, brakes, wheel pants, custom made cowl and spinner, custom made composite 10 gal fuselage tank, in-flight trim, flip down window, PTT on the stick, remote antenna, drooped wingtips, strut fairings, elevator and ailerons are pushrods (no Teleflex cables), in flight mixture control, remote choke, in cockpit pull start, carbon fiber instrument panel with two pointer 0-10 000 altitude, 0-80 airspeed, sailplane vario, EGT, CHT, Tiny tach, timer, slip-skid ball and compass.

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The video clips were taken by a digital photo camera that can take 15 seconds video clips, weather was dead calm with overcast and about 60 degrees. The sizes are are 1 meg each. Right click and "save as"

The first clip is the take off, The camera is positioned 700 ft from the start of the take off run. The no wind take off run takes 6 seconds so that leaves 8 seconds for climb which gets me about 100 ft of altitude by the time I’m passing the camera.

The second clip is the an 85 mph low pass

The third clip is the landing and roll out, its not very clear but the touch down is 4 seconds in as I pass the purple hanger in the background.

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