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3..2...1 GO Spawn on a high edge room. filed with fantasy, here we come Quake 3. armored so light we thought our enemies were right. glacial spikes covering all around my body . its cold we freeze . till the time is right to smell the fresh breeze. stairs as large as mountains , heavy armory filled with bullets and cells. we ready to bring it red team, blue here we come. 1 ,shoot that one flying high above the bridge. hurry were almost out of time. the last one standing,blue at 24 points tied with red. heart beats . the survivor sweats ,turns around and a rail gun was pointed at his nose. he shot but he realized it was a frozen body standing there with a scream painted on his face.3...2...1...paff he blew up, now there are 2 red survivors against 6 healty blue rail killers.jump off the walls escaping the shots, red got frozen,getting colder. where could the last man standing be? Dungeon! ran accross the dirty cracked floor to enter the hells deep in the dungeon to find nothing but dust and soil, got mad of fury, turned around, got frozen, the survivor sitting nicely in his tent , quickly he jumped off the dungeon with a blast of the rail gun wich destroyed half his armor and broke the rocky solid ground. A Drop of water slides from his face, water drops covering his body, the red player was unfrozen!5 blues vs 2 reds left, with only 3 minutes to go! 2 blues running down the hallway and burtally stopped .looked around watching the liquid wich was supposed to be frozen over the red soldier. With a back filp , red bounced of a floor escaping 2 rail shots from the enimies, he landed on the wall, and with great aim and speed he iced down 2 blues and dropped on the ground with perfect health.3 blues vs 3 reds, first red chose to go by the back hall way to find himself at the red armor, second red took the front hallway to find himself at the plasma gun, thrid red took the middle hall way and found himself at the front of the portal hallway, the 3 blue players were surrounded and did not know where to aim, they lost their concentration and the red team was victorious, the 3 blues where iced at the same time, team-work never fails, with exactly 1 second left of the game!

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