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Jean Galore
 We know that by now you've lost all the will it would take to rip yet another T shirt. Here's a fast and friendly way to revamp those favorite jeans. All you need is your bathtub, the dark unsightly leftover denim goods and some ordinary household bleach.

Lay the jeans in a bath of about an inch or two of aqua, and pour the bleach in strategic dollops onto areas of your choice and let sit until desired lightness is achieved. (It took ours about 20 minutes).

Rinse well. Let dry.

Decide if you want to embellish further with a Bedazzler, embroidery or fabric paint.

Dress Slim

Monochromatic dressing (one color from head to toe) makes anyone look taller and slimmer. Tone-on-tone coloring was a key trend on the runways for spring and is a style that makes anyone leaner.

Get a leggy look

Legs will look longer and slimmer if you always closely match your hose to your shoes and skirts. For a print skirt, use the background color to find hose in a similar tone.

Hosiery tips

Two-tone shoes pose a dilemma when selecting hosiery. Always wear a neutral color hose or match your hosiery to the lighter color in the shoes. Never wear nylons that are darker than the lightest color in the shoes.

Bargain Shopping

Although summer is long gone, you don't have to stop shopping for it. Sales, Sales, Sales is the answer to a complete wardrobe without all the debt. Around fall stores start to lower the price on the clothes from the previous season, this is when you should begin shopping for next years summer outfit by picking up a few key pieces that never really change such as layering shirts, tanks, swim suits, and flip flops.  Pay attention to those things you repeatedly see each season and when the season is over catch the sales to stock up for next year.


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