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Tuesday, 19 July 2005

Mood:  chatty
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07*20*05--- This is my second evps site, since my first one is having problems uploading, and is full anyways. Ill be adding new evps here regularly, so please bookmark this page!

This is the link to the first page:

PLEASE JOIN MY SITE!! (ghosts,EVPS,photos & more!):

07*29*05- Not sure what to think of this one. Seems a bit creepy. I got it late last night... was only me and one other person in the room. And it was definitely none of our voices. This was captured right at the beginning of the recording. So was a bit surprised! ... I hear 'We/They should molest her'
'we/they should molest her' ?

07*29*05- This if from late last night...this one is more on the louder side, but really finding it difficult trying to figure it out! ... just before it my boyfriend and I were just talking about how he was getting really nauseated, his stomach wasnt feeling well...and then this evp comes up right before I answer him.... I keep replaying it and just cant make it out besides 'the cow was sick' (maybe in relation to my boyfriend not feeling well?? lol)
Could you all tell me what you hear??
not sure ?


I got this late last night, near the beginning of the recording and was pretty loud. It was a bit confusing for me, but from what i can hear, its 'dont hurt me.......dont' .... what does it sound like to you?
'dont hurt me....dont' ?

Heres one i had for awhile, I must of forgot about it... I didnt write any information about it unfortunately, but clearly sounds like a male voice saying 'wonderful'

This is my evp I won at the 'haunted voices'monthly contest. I had posted this in my first page , but for some reason its not working and i cant upload it again, so Ill just repost it here... 'you've seen me''You've seen me'

07*26*05- Here is a pretty clear evp... left the recorder going in my room just for a bit.... there was only two people in the room at the time me & my boyfriend, and this is definitely none of our voices... 'You're/I'm being watched'
'You're/I'm being watched'

This one is alittle odd....i have a good friend i talk to online daily, and i call her 'gg' (for ghostgirl) and i got this evp during the night..clearly saying 'gg has cars/cards'
'gg has cars/cards'

Heres an evp I caught in my living room.. im assuming it is 'im chuck'
'im Chuck'

07*22*05- This is from late last night. Taken in my living room, I just left the recorder running and this showed up at the beginning. I believe it says 'I'm her sister' not sure what it would be referring to though.
'im her sister'

07*21*05- This is from this morning at about 6:10 am... im guessing it says 'Bubba' (?)

This is a pretty clear sentence saying 'your the one that said sorry'
your the one that said sorry
This one is pretty clear.... 'is it worth it'
Is it worth it

I had a hard time with the first part of this...the second part is clearly 'bastard' ... Im 'guessing' all together it says 'tighten your noose....bastard'...its pretty fast
tighten your noose....bastard

This one I wasn't too sure of, but to 'me' it really sounds like 'Aunty adores her' OR 'keep your doors open'
Aunty adores her

This evp is for a couple nights ago. Clearly saying 'why didnt you help' and then a different voice saying right after 'im sorry'
why didnt you sorry

Posted by ultra2/evps2 at 9:03 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 29 July 2005 2:38 PM EDT
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