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To conserve bandwidth this page is as basic as possible.
As you may have noticed, DA packets now use a new system of working internally with the memory addresses dynamically to create unique packets on the client. Knowing Nexon, this wasn't a hard feat to bypass, and this patch will do all the converting from old to new for you and let you use old packets; this includes teleporting, stats, etc.

You may have to relog DA for the changes to take effect. You can still be blocked for packeting, so be careful.

Patches DA Client to old packet system.

Also might need this, since it uses the winsock control to translate packets!
Copy to Windows/System32 path
Then in the run box type regsvr32 mswinsck.ocx

Don't ask me how to packet, I just give you the ability, go learn it on Google or something.
March 07 2004: New version that should fix a few things such as random Chaos teleports that Nexon tried to slip on some teleport packets. Sped up memory routines by at least two or three times as fast.