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My Home Page

Welcome to my site

Okay so I just started this home page, and I havent made one before for 4 years, so this could take awhile to remember how to do. If you have any comments/ideas please feel free to email me. I would make a space to post comments but i forget how to do that, using the Advanced Editor and all. If you know how, please let me know. Hope you enjoy your (short) visit!

My Favorite Web Sites

Find Out Your Myers-Briggs Type (Personality Indicator)

Myers-Briggs is a personality indicator with 16 different types. Personally, I became fascinated by Myers-Briggs through my grandpa who used to be certified to test people. When he told me I was INFP, I was really mad, cuz the whole system kinda puts you in a box and the whole experience was just weird for me when I found out my type. But I read up on it on the net (there are A LOT of sites), and I found out that this indicator thing is for real. If you read about your type, youll see that its exactly who you are, and it will explain alot about you. Anyways, enough about you, lets talk about me! :p

My Myers-Briggs Type

INFP-introverted, intuitive, feeling, perceptive. What more can I say? It's all on this site...if you really care. (Most people prefer to read about themselves.)Interesting facts about INFPs:


I helped out at day camps on the Crosstalk Travelling Team this past summer for 6 weeks, including training. I was so scared to do it, and I'm really shy so I thought it wasn't for me, but I honestly had the best experience of my life!! I would recommend joining Travelling Team to any Christian, boy or girl, as long as you're over 16. I know it's really random, but if you know anyone who doesn't have anything better to do this summer, please let them know about it. It could change that person's life. If you have any questions at all, just ask.


This is the web site for parkside ranch summer camp. Nothing much to say about it. I went last summer, in 2003. It was fun...okay I'll stop boring you now.

Thanks for visiting my page. Come back and visit again!