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Extremely good engine condition CBR400 N model for sale (No kidding!).

New Gaulosies spray paint (worth over $500+) and many new parts that inculde BT090 tires, pump kits, starter carbon, battery, rectifer & much more (U will be saving tons of $$ for new parts!)! New 10 year COE free of charge next year when expire(COE now $800++!!) & road tax till end November. 180km/h Speed Restrictor removed!

**Selling price of 1.8k + COI 4k (total 5.8k)! Just pay me 1.8k & 3 months upfront installments ($209*3)+ agreement fee (less than $200) & COI $209 monthly. Important advantage is that ownership of the bike is transferred to U! And there is no additional interest charges for the remaining amt! U will be saving over more than 1k+++ of interest fees and yet avoid all the implications & complications of being a sub-rider cos bikes ownership will be transferred to u!**

SMS 90488433 for more details and viewing/testing of my well-maintained N model. (once again, no kidding!) Owner upgrading to R1, thus selling. (can show receipt for my r1 deposit as proof of honesty that owner is selling to upgrade and not for other negative reasons.) Do yur calculations and u will realised its a good buy cos u r saving from the hefty interest rates for reloan or buying from motorshop, save on the many new parts & the rising COE, & u can be assured of the superb condition of the engine that never fails u...