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Ever wanted a Professional website made for you, but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars in the process? Well my friend, you have come to the right place. Here at Wonderous Websites you can get just that, yes, that's right, and I am talking cheap, very cheap. How cheap? That depends really, it depends on several things, although there is no mininum or maxinum number of any said item, more you want the more it will cost you, but whatever your needs, I can and will supply them for you.

These are some things you must consider first, including:

How many pages do you want your site to contain?

How many pictures will there be? One important note to remember here is that you want your viewers to be able to see your page as fast as they can, we all know it, we hate sitting around waiting for a page to load, so remember when adding pictures, banners and animations, the more space you use the slower your connection will be.

What kind of text will be included? Of course, I have no idea what you want your website to relay to the viewers that see it, so here you will have to do a bit of work too. I should say that the number of words you use doesn't matter in the cost process, so figure out what you want it to reveal to its viewers and I will take it from there.

Will there be any animations? The cost of this will depend on the consequences of the item(s). Maybe I should clarify this a little, what I mean is that if you want to include animations, and already have them located within your system it will be a snap, but on the otherhand, if you have a picture of what you want in you head, and can't find something similiar from a web browswer, or other source, I can make simple graphics but this process will be more time-consuming.

Do you need tables, or graphs?

How many banners will be on your website? If you don't already have a banner for your site, no problem I will make you one.

Ok, now that I gave you a brief description of the available options you have, there are some more thing to consider on a somewhat different basis, the point I am getting to is that, you will have to decide which colors you want to use on your page.