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New Ways to Save

There's nothing like getting something for free, though getting stuff for almost free comes pretty close! The web has lots of places to look for freebies, but the problem is most of them are things you never use. I mean come on, how much Printer ink do you REALLY go through? Did you need 200 business cards with a company logo on them? (Though you gotta love free webspace providers.. like Angelfire!)

But one of the places almost no one saves as much as they could is groceries. You eat don't you? Of course you do. Everyone has to eat. And bou absolutely can't get rid of this expense, groceries can be one of the most rewarding places to save if you know how.

You can reduce your grocery bills to almost nothing, without having to enroll in one of those monthly membership programs.

In my opinion the best option is

Save money with grocery store coupons

They help you save $200 on your bill at your local grocery store.

It's great because you don't have to change what you buy or where you shop, or wait for them to update with what you want like a lot of other sites or flyers. What you want is always there.

However there are plenty of internet sites that are much more like your normal paper inserts. You can check them out weekly (they will send you email if sign up too), and see if they've updated with coupons you can use.

My links page has resources for some of those, and I've also provided some places to look if you want to get free tools for making your own webpage. With all the net has to offer us these days, why don't you check it out?

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