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My Friends

Welcome to my homepage/profile. Many people have complained that they are not included in my profile but its because i dont have any room left there. I created this link so that everyone can feel special.

PS: If your bella and you want me to change what john's or yours says... oh well!

Bella- happy birthday...**spill** "im not a blonde, im a dirty blonde!" "No, i do not have any french fries"

Gioia- OUCH!!! (you kicked me in the knee)Jen's class!! AHHHHHH! i hate that woman!! shes a twit!

Sammy- Your name is SAMMY not KISHA!! OUCH (you hurt yourself trying to kick me!) cling ons (you know who im talking about)

Emma- BFS sucks!!! PS you have no choice, your coming to GS

Elle- me except a girl

Norval- "Go sit in the black seat- i mean in the back of the bus!" --Daisy

Kylee-hows school...yes school...i heard they have a nice lawn full of grass! the only way i can describe you: blonde

Daisy- Head bobbing!!!! PIGEON!!!!! EWWW!!! YOU OWE ME!!!!

Zuri- My sophomore! Jane's collections rocks! Slap!! Squeeze!! OWWWW!!

Christina- No handholding!!! 'Da Font! Sure!

Rem- YOU SMELL!!!! Catholic!

Tinora- My student council lover, someday we can name our children lili and lili the second!! you know you love me!

Kazuinas (Sharon)- I do solve your problems!! i made the signs! remember... when you need a smile... east some cake!!!!

Kate- sexy ADD on steroids

Sam- vote sam the man with a hart and a plan (and a fro)

Ross- Damn Commies

Anima- Whitey

Lauren Bowman- I love you when you arent talking about that jack ass PS WHITER than anima

Audrey- watch your mouth! bottom!

key- my big sistah

lawrence- ur a horny pimp

Morey- No, YOUR MOM (will chaperone)

John- My dad's evil sports twin

derek- Ninja puzzle Moshe Boy

jeff- Yeh, you do! Action figures my ass doll boy!


sophie (f)- Oink oink oink oink (say hi to continental breakfast)

Susan- thats no good!

Becky- Say gumby! I loves Be-Cky

Sophie (m)- Weaving, The mattress at the tent, radio, and the infamous rock

Bex- LUCY!!!!