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cold dead hands

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--Thursday January 1st
Venus de lilo
Mood: gay
Bring me the head of stephen foley


--Tuesday December 30th
is this the reason i'm out?
Mood: Ho-hum
Music: Zigzo's Monster Music album
I need a haircut, I really do. But I don't feel like taking the .5 minute walk to the barber, waiting, sitting there getting my hair cut. Oh, and paying. I hate that part most.

Silly dance routine!

--Sunday December 28th
My life is so fucking boring
Mood: random
I just occurred to me I should make some icons featuring, like, me. Or something. But my skin just hasn't been cooperating last week, so I'll do it some other time (read: never).

EDIT: Changed the look of the page some more. I like it now...I think.

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--Saturday December 27th
Ceasar's Ghost! It's a new layout.
Mood: nerdy
I liked it before, but...I dunno, I think it's lacking something...
Anyway, it's Bridget, from Guilty Gear. He's such a cutie-pop, I want to gobble him right up! But that'd make me a pedophile, I think he's my Lolita of the hour anyway.

I'm not showing of christmas pressies because I aint got any. I need to find friends with money.

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--Wednesday December 24th
Mood: confused
Since I moved out and we don't have to see each other day in day out, my mom and me get along so well. We went shopping yesterday and she kept offering to buy me clothes and whatnot. She actually got a bit miffed when I said I didn't want anything. I'm actually starting to feel bad about letting her buy me stuff all the time. I mean, I'm poor and all, but still!

I did let her buy me a pair of socks, though. They're knee high little girls socks, pink with cute white flowers on them. Glee! They're so adorable! And I had some gyros. Tasty stuff.

Still no word from Satoru...the bastard.

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--Tuesday December 23rd
The bag
Mood: content
Whee, it's not my camera! Anyway, I luv this bag, it's so spiffy. It's from Tokidoki, who make pretty cool stuff. Happinessesess.

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--Monday December 22nd
Sinterklaas photos
I uploaded the pictures of this year's Sinterklaas celebration here.

I think it's really just the batteries, they just don't seem to hold out longer than 30 secs. Phew. Fotki doesn't seem to help the quality much...

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Holy crap!
Mood: worried
Today my mom gave me an early christmas present: a kick-ass pseudo-Japanese shoulder bag. So I was gonna take a picture to share my glowy happiness with you all and my digital camera plain refused. I hope it's the crappy batteries my parents use. They seem...weak and that camera needs the heavy duty stuff. But if my camera's fucked, people are gonna get bodyslammed.

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--Wednesday December 17th
I hate bloody public transport!
Mood: WTF?
So I was planning on going back to my place today. Everything was okay, I packed my bags, my dad brought me to the station. Okay, so the enormous crowd of people in front of the station should've tipped me off, but I went to the right platform, no train. And more people. What the fuck?

Turns out there was an accident between Dordrecht and Roosendaal and there were no trains going that way AT ALL. Fuck. So, I waited an hour in the cold, in a skirt and knee socks and I wasn't wearing bloomers. Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck.

So then I justgot some coffee, turned on my discman and waited for the bus back to my parents' place. Oh, and I had a muffin. That was pretty nice.

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--Tuesday December 16th
Metamorphose spring line preview
Mood: Lookin' forward to spending's here.

I'm gonna start saving up for the Biscuit Printed Paka (pinkxwhite) and the Tartan Check skirt (redxblack). That, some nice long white socks and The Big Black Boots(TM), would make a neat Casual Lolita outfit. I need more of those. I like the full-blown Lolita, but it's so damn time consuming, so usually I'm just half-a-lita. Well, in my opinion. Generally people seem to think it's just a weird looking.

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--Monday December 15th
WonderlandMUX (working title)
Mood: pensive
I've been working on an Alice themed MUX for a while now. It's still a pretty rough idea, placed in an area in the Wonderland & Looking Glass world about 20 years after the events of the Alice books. Basically Alice ending up there messed things up good, the Queen of Hearts (I'm getting so tired of typing this, so I'm using QH) discovers the Looking Glass world (they're connected somehow, we're still working out the plot holes), goes megalomaniac, wages war against the White and Red Queens and conquers that world. I'm hoping it'll lead to some nice sneaky conflict/rebel RP between those that support QH and those that don't. I'm planning on allowing commoner card-people, chess pieces, human being and talking animals freely and anyone who wants to play a card/chess noble (I guess commoners would be pawns) will probably be allowed if they're willing to mail me with an idea of what they want to do. Anyway, rough idea.

I wonder if anyone would WANT to play this kinda stuff, though. I'm really enjoying coding all the areas and NPCs, but it'd suck so bad if no one would actually play it. But I guess every MUD/MUSH/MUCK/whatever has that problem. So far I've finished a good chunk of a small town, one of the three main areas I'm planning (town/palace/wilds). The confusing portals and such of Wondrland might be too confusing for players, though. I've got to find some way around that...

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--Sunday December 14th

19:55's the time to buy children's knee socks and save heaps of money.

~This public service announcement has been brought to you by Nymphette speaks Japanese like a guy, dammit!

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Mood: bored
This post exists for the sole purpose of expressing my love for geta. Men's wear or not, they're a blast to wear. Not that I haven't fallen on my face wearing them, mind you...

Egad, my life's boring! I'm gonna play Tokimeki Memorial now because I CRAVE the rejection. Or something.

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--Friday December 12th
To necrodiac and whoever else
17:19 favorite brand is Metamorphose temps de fille and they have an online store especially for overseas customers. They also take all major credit cards, which is cheap and handy.
Most Lolita stores will ship overseas if you ask them nicely. Way back when, I wrote to Baby, the Stars Shine Bright (my first purchase) in English, but nowadays I save them and me the trouble and write to other stores in Japanese.
I don't think it's a lot of trouble if you don't, but sometimes you'll get misunderstood or you'll get a reply that just doesn't make sense. It might sound patronising, but when mailing to Japanese companies in English, I always try to keep my English as basic as possible.
Not all of these stores will take credit cards. Usually they'll want you to transfer the money to their account (go to your bank), but over here in the Netherlands, that can be pretty costly, so I prefer to shop at places that accept credit cards.
A list of Lolita stores can be found here.

I usually buy my Gothic & Lolita Bibles and other mooks from Sasuga Books. They're one of the few who actually charge reasonable prices. Their site is in English, too.

CDs I mostly buy at CDJapan. I've found their service is quick and reliable and they're not too expensive. Once again, they have an English site.

J-Pop Help seems to be a good place to buy bootleg and indies CDs, although sometimes things that the site says are IN stock are actually sold out.

Manga I buy from Japan Bookmart. They sell second-hand manga really cheap and they're always in great condition.

Lastly, for other Japanese stuff like yukata and tableware, I usually shop at J-Life International or JUN Japanese Gifts & Souvernirs. A larger list of shops can be found here.

Damn, now I want to buy a kotatsu!

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Mood: excited
Well, I FINALLY got my Gothic & Lolita Bibles and they have lots of Aya (PLC) in them, so I'm happy. There's also some patterns I'm planning on making, as I won't be able to order too much clothing this month. The season's gonna cost me. So, back to the ole home made stuff.

I've got a lovely coat coming from Metamorphose, but that's definitely my limit. I'll probably get some nice make-up and stuff for christmas, though. I really shouldn't be whining, but... I'm Dutch, it's in my genes. Hehe, lame excuse, but still.

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--Monday December 8th
Mood: tired
Okay, lately I've been feeling like crap. Mental crap, although I'm starting to feel it physically too. I've just been so tired lately and all I do is sleep. Anyway...

Last week was kind of fun. Some first-years and second-years (me included) celebrated Sinterklaas with the Japanese transfer students. It was HEAPS of fun. I dressed up as Black Pete and-- Well, most of you probably don't know what Sinterklaas is. This article explains it pretty well, though. I got an Astroboy comic, whee! Atomu is so cute! I also got to volumes of Kyoukara Orewa that very same day! Oh, I love that manga, it's sooo funny. It's about two juvenile delinquents, Mitsuhashi Takashi and Itou Shinji. Mitsuhashi is so cruel, it cracks me up. Man, I wish I had a scanner.

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--Sunday December 7th
Someone please please PLEASE buy me one of these dolls for christmas.

Candy Girls

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--Friday November 28th
Mood: listless
Is the only word that describes all last week. A big ole heap of meh-ness. I was too busy, too cranky, too whatever. I've been playing a lot of Pop'n Music Animelo, though. So now I have the Kinnikuman theme stuck in my head. Gah! Maybe I'll be able to post something that makes SOME sense later.

In other news (ha! news), this is the single coolest thing I've seen in my entire life. I'm seriously considering buying one. I'm sure I can use some of the money I've set aside for the 4 months I'm gonna study in Japan from april 2005. I mean, there's a summer of work still coming. Maybe I shouldn't but it's too hard for me to resist shinies.

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--Sunday November 23rd
Kodona Love
Mood: chipper
Music: "Kaneganaijaa" - Goketsuji Ichizoku Matrimelee OST
*sigh* Weekends are pretty boring for me. Because I stay at my parents' house, nothing much happens. Well, anyway. I've been thinking of dying my hair. I'd like to have it a cinamonny brown color, but I'm not sure which brand or color would be best for me. Most of the time you can't judge by the package. Besides that, my hair is pretty dark, so it's almost impossible to dye it much lighter. Grr.

After I dyed it, I'm definitely getting a hair cut. My hair is curly and at the length it is now, it's pretty much uncontrollable. It gets tangled and gets in my face all the time. So, it's snippy time. Knowing me, it'll take a while before I actually get it done, though.

When I have, I'll have to take some kodona pictures. I love this style and I have the perfect boots for it. They were a gift from a friend. They were a little too small for her, but they're the perfect size for me. All I need now is someone to take the pictures and a place to take the pictures. Preferrably inside, this is no time to go walking around outside in shorts, kneesocks or no!

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--Friday November 21st
Mood: silly
For fun and profit, here's a KALEN picture.

Goketsuji Oume says you should buy their stuff from JPop Help. You should buy it NOW.
...or possibly tomorrow.

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