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If your over 18 and enjoy a bit of ultra violence then let me say, 'Welcome home'. Here you'll find many like minded individuals who are passionate about certain subjects and have the 'don't think it, do it mentality'

Everyone who feels strongly about any issue is welcome to this site, regardless of nationality, religion or sex.












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British Politics:













British Politics:

This site is against the Labour party and all it's beliefs. The Labour party are ultra left wing and are planning to hand over the last remmants of our sovereignty over to Brussels, which will in turn demolish our economy. The Labour party are happy with Britain being flooded by immigrants and if you don't know why that is, it's because the Labour party know that all the immigranst they let in and give excessive benefits to, will of course vote Labour.

Don't blame the actual immigrants themselves, as you can't expect them not to come with what the Labour party hand to them on a plate. But instead blame the Labour party for the demise of our once great country.

The BNP and LibDems have recenly joined forces. (If you would like more information on why click here) So come next election vote for the LibDem's if you know what's good for you and your country..We can no longer allow these Labour slags to pose as patriots while fucking us over from the inside and bit by bit moving towards the destruction of Britian.

Arrivals! Another plane touches down. Soon a million gypsies will be legally allowed to stay in the UK- thanks to the EU! (Click here for more info).

Close the doors!

There is simply no place for all these immigrants in Britain. Our country is full-up, as once beautiful countryside is being concreted to build new houses. Our taxpayers cannot get a decent pension, cannot get a Policeman when one is needed, have operations in dirty and understaffed hospitals. We have had our fill of "ethnic diversity" and cannot see any benefits of enforced multi-culturalism. It's time to pull up the drawbridge!


When a black or asian is murdered by whites its a 'racially motivated attack' regardless of circumstances. When a white is murdered by a non white it is never a 'racially motivated attack' but instead just 'an assault' or a 'vicious mugging'. Why is this? Why is it that all the attacks on whites never gain the same media coverage as an attack of the same nature but to a non white person? I urge you to read the 'Fallen List' and understand just how many SERIOUS attacks on whites there are, and then ask yourself why you've never heard of any of these incidents. Yet, a case like the Stephen Lawrence murder gets a huge enquiry, a memorial statue, a huge compensation payment (of course paid from working class citizens tax money). To me this is an outrage to the British citizen, and to think the non whites are the one's always calling for equality! I'm all for people who carry out serious assaults being punished accordingly, but come on this truely is one lot of rules for the whites and one for the non whites!





Organistaions supported by this site:

Millwall Football Club

Millwall Football Club the pride of Britain. Nice to see a club in the top flight football who still have fans with so much passion for the game. Millwall have a good squad at the moment and have a few youngsters coming up who are top notch.

The National Front

While the NF are often thought of as mindless racists who hate anyone who isn't white, after reading a little about the partys policies you'll realise the consistent theme of NF policy is to give real power and real democracy to the British people. The reason the NF are sometimes made to look like 'thoughtless scum' is because the party is represented by working class British people. Of course the Labour scum are going to try an portray them in the worst possible light! Because the Labour party belive that the working class don't know what we want or need, they think they know best because they've been born into vast amounts of money and had the best schooling etc. There not in touch with the society we live in so for them to assume they know whats best for society as a whole is joke. The Labour party make decisions about our public education system, yet you'll notice they wouldn't ever consider sending there kinds to a public school. The Labour party makes decisions about the NHS, but again you know they've never actually used the NHS. But instead make judgemental assumptiions by figures and statistic's given to them. What kind of way is this to operate?

The British National Party

I feel no need to introduce the BNP as they are a very well known organisation already. The BNP are not a racially motivated party but just want to put practises in place to preserve Britain for future generations.



The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)

It's only right to help those who can't help themselves. Whatever a person's circumstances they have the power to change them. An animal has no choice and no way of communicating, it disgust's me the way some animals are treated. This is the one of the few charities I would consider making a contribution to.

Cancer Research UK

The vision of Cancer Research UK is to conquer cancer through world-class research. They are the alrgest volunteer supported cancer research organisation in the world. With a dedicated team of 3,000 scientists and an annual scientific spend of around 191 million raised almost entirely through public donations!! Everyone is effected cy Cancer at some point in there life whether it's an aunt or uncle, a parent or even a friend. Organisations like this could save a loved one's life.