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ok ppl there are limits to mi site!
escpecially if you are using mi graphics , if i have used urs i have for sure gave
you credit under mi credit page!

1. if you use anything from mi site plz link back to me using one of my buttons or banners
(you can get one of them on the link that says my buttons and banners!)

2.plz do not swear or say anything inapropiate anywhere in mi site wheter you are siging mi guestbook or just leaving a message to me!

3. always give me credit for anything you take from mi site!

4. do not use any of mi contests or steal any of mi awards for your site!

5. email me if you might want to use sumting for mi site and i just might let you use it!

6.leave me your email adress if ur going to say sumting nasty about mi site

7. you will be on mi wall of shame if you do anything bad to mi site

8. HaVe FuN!