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New updates made to the layout of the UEI Website. The server should be back up soon. Had a recent crash and lost all my info. In the process of restoring it all. It seems like many have turned to the Bomber side of SOR. Keep in mind that ours is not done and that many new things can be expect from this version.


New updates made to the UEI Website. A new page now Available, SOR4 Unflashed. There you will find the most current updates on the project. Site still open for affelites.


New updates made to the Prj Page. Check out another upcomming game, and this time, it's an orriginal :).


All section are now available like before except the ones that have yet to be released. The download section in the SOR4 part of the site has once again been updated. Check it out :)


If you've been trying to download the files from our site from Satrurday to present, then you probably wasn't able to access the server. Due to certain technical problems, the entire server was messed up. They should be up soon, along with a few more changes.


New updates have been made to the site. The Buggy Preview movie is now in MPEG-2 format and split for easy downloading. The size is now smaller. The AVI version is also available. Happy 4th :).


Well here it the first of July already. Hmm time sure does fly. But anyway on to t he small updates. Not much has been updated to the site. On the SOR4 page is now a song sample if you want to see how the music for SOR4:UEIEdi. is gona sound. It's only cuts of certain songs from the game but I think you'll get the basic idea of what to look for. Songs done at Enigma Studio's *All rights reserved* (that's that button that will be up there) .


Mad new updates have been made to the UEI Website. For starters, the Guide Icon no longer exists. We've decided to take that out to make room for our new "MESSAGE BOARD!" Go on and check it out :). The SOR4 Download page has been updated a few times, so you can affectivly download the preview movie. Else were, the Light Button now links to the Lightwave Website for 3D Animation and Desighn. Well that's all the updates for now. Untill next time my friend :).









All songs and products hosted on this site are the sole property of Enigma Studios(TM) as well as there respected providers. Please do not redistribute these files in any way.


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