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Everyday Trivia: ET is when I send out 1 FF7 question to everyone for 30 days. You must reply to me( with the correct answer. If you get the answer correct, you will receive point(s). If the question is a true/false or 1 answer, it is worth 1 point, more than one answer is worth 2 points. You can check the ETQ Scores(new) to see your score and what questions who have answered correctly or incorrectly for the week. Questions and answers will posted on the ETQ(new).

30 questions trivia: Will be 1 day every week or weekend, i'll let everyone know what day it will be on for the week.(times might change). I will put a question in the chat room, and first person answer correctly gets a point.(spelling does not count unless i say before putting question). Types of questions include: True or False(only allowed to answer once), fill in the blank, and no choice questions. The last question is usually the hardest and requires more than 1 answer. Again, if you have any questions e-mail me.

Rping Times and Dates will be coming soon (: