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Question Answer
2/15: How tall is Sephiroth?

a.) 6'6" b.) 6'2" c.) 6'9" d.) unkown

a.) 6'6"
2/18: in the high speed chase were cloud is on the bike and the rest of ur members is on the truck who is the 1 driving the truck

a)barret b)cid c)tifa d)aeris

2/19: What is red xii's real name?

a)claclocki B)nanaki C)chalki D)bret

2/20: What was the name of Tifa's bar in the Sector 7 slums? 7th Heaven
2/21: True or False: You can play with all of the following charcters in the game(not fight with in battle, move around like you do to cloud) Cloud, Aeris, Tifa, Cid True
2/25: There are two names that have been used for characters in every FF game except for tactics what are they?
2/26: What department to the Turks run in Shin-Ra inc.? Shin-Ra Manufacturin Department of Administrative Research
3/1: (This one is worth 3 points if you get the 2nd part right. 1 point if you get the first.) how many bosses do you fight in the pagoda at Wutai? And what are the names in order in which you fight them? 5, Gorki, Shake, Chekhov, Staniv, Godo
3/11: what is the name of the hit play in midgar LoveLess
3/12: What is the name of Sephiroths mother and father? Lucrecia and Hojo
3/13: When death is cast on an enemy or ally how long do they have before the spell kills them? 30 seconds
3/15: What town is Cloud at during the time he gets sick? Mideel

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