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How 'bout some truth

Truth, integrity and is beyond these people. It seems as though worthlessness and stupidity are common problems, but sometimes the problem runs rampant. Kind of like the plaque. If you look around our county, like any other county in the country, you will find people who need help. Businesses need help, emergency services, fire and police need help. You have the elderly, the poor, the homeless and the sick. When you look at these needy people you will see children. Children that do not have warm clothes or shoes, children that are hungry because the parents do not have enough money to buy enough food. Some of these children are dirty and sick, some dont even go to school. These are the people that the government is supposed to help. Especially the government on the local level, the County Commission. But, the truth is...they dont help. Reasons for not helping these people, these children are many, reasons like no chance of getting their pictures in the paper, children do not vote and there is nothing in it for friends of the politicians. An intelligent person would think that they would put those reasons aside and do what is right. But they don't, they keeping giving money to fiddle makers, basket weavers and tree huggers. They do not care if an ambulance, fire truck or police officer can get to you in your time of need. They do not care if you are needy and cannot work and they don't care if your child is sick, dirty or homeless. Their actions are proof of that. Just look at the agenda for the next meeting; #1) a complaint against the Sheriff department by a very reputable couple (yeah right) and #2) deciding whether or not to ban Pit Bulls in our county. I do not like Pit Bulls, just like I do not like those little shivering type dogs. But as long as the needy, elderly and kids have food, clothes and a home I don't care how many pit bulls someone has. And be damned if that ain't the truth.

The List of "You have got to be kidding"