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Kids Next Door Online Treehouse

Welcome to the KND CENTER COMMAND. We are the Kids Next Door,our job is to rid the streets of trouble in ways only kids can.But this is not a job four people can do alone,even with our weapons and treehouse.We are looking for members around the world every day. There are currently four of us in the state of North Carolina.Number 1 is our leader.He seems to have the most common sense,and with his unique leadership skills,he is the most quallified for the task.Number 2 is the inventor of the inventions we use and he built the treehouse with plenty of help.His worst problem is a lack of creativity.Number 4 is our fighter,he often can handle any problem .Our last member is number 5.She is our spy,you don't see her often on the battlefield.These are the current oppertives of the state.If there is another team please contact us.If you like our missions Please join.Contact if any questions. WE ARE THE KIDS NEXT DOOR.EITHER YOU'RE IN OR YOUR ARE OLD.

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This page explains our enemies.