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My name is Dan Blankenship and I have lived in Cedar Creek Township (unincorporated Lowell) for the past 23 years. I raised my children here, shop here, and care deeply about the people who call our area home. I am the son of a steelworker father and a Sears Roebuck executive mother. I grew up in Dyer and eventually moved here to Lowell.

Township government has an important role in meeting the needs of residents, from aiding people who have fallen on hard times to ensuring firemen and EMS will be there when you need them. The Township Advisory Board helps set the budget and direction of township spending and priorities. I am confident I am ready to do this job, and do it well. My home phone number is 219-696-7706. My email is


I will honor the oath of this office to "faithfully and honestly" discharge my duties. My constituents deserve someone who is forthright, dedicated, and working hard for their rights as taxpayers.

The Cedar Creek Township Board and Trustee submit a balanced budget every year. The people of Cedar Creek Township have to live with in their budget, and I will work with the Trustee and the other board members to keep cost down. Raising the tax levies on the residents of Cedar Creek Township should ONLY be done when all other options have failed.

I support making improvements at our two parks through minimal user-fees, grants, donations, and fundraising.

I am opposed to the Illiana Toll Road, but if it cannot be stopped, we need to demand representation in the contract negotiations with the buyer. This is something that must happen. Our current fire and EMS already have too much area to cover with very limited resources. Tolls MUST include a fee that helps cover the added strain on public safety for Cedar Creek Township.

The 0.25% Public Safety (income) Tax money that Lake County collects should automatically be distributed to the township trustees instead of having to ask the county for their permission to receive it. I will work with the current trustee and other board members to lobby the Indiana Legislature to change the law, so the money automatically is distributed to the trustee's offices.

Job history

I worked for Van Til's in Hammond from 1982 until 1990, Safety-Kleen Corp. 1990-1999, and Avery-Dennison Corp.(Eckart America) 2000-present day.


Lake Central High School in St. John, IN, 1984 Graduate; Studied Communications at Calumet College, Whiting, IN, and at Indiana University Northwest, Gary, IN

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