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Author and Creator: Josua R. Clark

Josh was born on March 26th 1979 in California. After a long pregnancy, doctors gave Josh's mom very little hope he would live. But despite all odds Josh is now 24 years of age.

Even with current medical conditions such as "The Depletion of the Short of the 7th Cromosone", a heart condition, arthritis, sevral polsey, and scroliols in the back. Josh lives a productive and well rounded life.

He Curently live in North Carolina with his wife of almost a year Janell. and is looking for a job. Even though Josh at this time is not working. He has worked for several big companys through his his six years of work experince. Even working sevral jobs at once for a couple years at a time.

Companys Josh has worked for are at the left of your screen, click on their logo to explore the companys Josh has worked for. [NOTE: Josh had worked for a telemarketing firm called Anson Research inc. After he left "Mc Donalds" and while he worked for "Wendy's." But shortly after Josh departed from that company they went out of buisness.]

To explore further into "The New Revival" domain and more about Josh and his world select a link at the bottom of this page. "Kristophers Poetry Korner" is a page selected to hold poems written by Joshua and other people. "Page 1" is News and current Updates in Josh's life.

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Kristophers Poetry Korner