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The New Revival!

Message board/Chat Forum (My Blog)

Please excuse our mess...

Hello and welcome. For those of you who are utterly confused right now in where you ended up. You have landed yourself in my small corner of the cyber world "The New Revival."

What is "The New Revival?" Well let me explain, in the beggining it was just a dream. A insperation and a small piece of hope to one person. My self, that I could creat a place where every body is welcomed and everybody knows your name.

"The New Revival" was inspired by a poem I once wrote as a senior in high school oh, around five years ago back in 1998. My poem entitled "Bridged"was a losely based three page autobiography of my senior year and a glimpse of my life at that moment. That illustrated the strugles all adolesence face life, love, sexuality ect.

I wanted to develope a website geared toward teenagers but open to all. Where people could come to escape the world, get advice on life, love, and friendship, and what ever else would be plaguing them at the time. Where everyone can enjoy good company, cool links, poetry from myself and others, images, animation and anything else I could think of.

But before you go on and explore, all I ask of you is to read the HOUSE RULES! And Follow them to your best abilities-"cause lets face it nowbodys perfect."


  1. No Smoking
  2. No Food or Drinks
  3. No Prophanity
  4. No Drugs
  5. No Sex (Unless I'm included)
  6. No Raceism/Slander/Predijudice In Short, please be respectful to others. This domain was created to be a safe place for all!
  7. No Pets
  8. Must be wearing all clothes unless having sex (see Rule #5)
  9. Let see... Oh yes No SPAM!