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Welcome to The Braat!

Welcome to the very first site devoted to the young up-and-coming actor Josh Braaten who is best known for his roles on Modern Men and Married to the Kellys.

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April 24, 2007
Josh has been cast in the new Will Ferrell comedy movie Semi-Pro. More info and updates coming soon.

March 15, 2006
'Modern Men' on ET

There's an article about the show over at the Entertainment Tonight website that ends with "For more behind the scenes on Modern Men, tune in to tonight's ET." They're going to talk to Josh, Jane and the rest of the cast but it's uncertain if the segment is supposed to air tonight or tomorrow since the article is dated March 16 (tomorrow's date). Tune in tonight just to make sure. Until then you can view ET's short online video from their behind-the-scenes visit where they interview Jane and ask the boys if any of them had a crush on her growing up. To read the article and view the online video click here

March 13, 2006
Modern Men Premieres Friday

In anticipation of Josh's new series, premiering Friday March 17 at 9:30pm, new sections have been added to the site including a Modern Men page with information on the show as well as a pictures page with images from the new series. Also, a new picture of Josh attending The WB's All Star party back in January has been added to the General Pictures page.

It will be important that this new show become succesful because this is The WB's last year on TV. Next fall, the network along with UPN will both disappear in order to make way for a brand new network called CW. Which means only a select few shows from both networks will make it to the new network along with some new shows currently being developed. Here's what Zap2it wrote about the fate of Modern Men, Survival of the Richest, another new WB show, and the new network CW:

Both shows will have what amounts to a six- or seven-week window to make their case for inclusion in plans for The CW, the new network that will combine the programming of The WB and UPN in the fall.

Read the full article here.

August 4, 2005
Seymour joins Braaten

The WB has announced that Jane Seymour ("Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman") will be joining the cast of Josh Braaten's new sitcom Modern Men. She'll be replacing Wendie Malick, who left due to her commitment to ABC's Jake in Progress, in the lead female role as Braaten's life coach. Seymour is an Emmy nominee who can currently be seen in the hit film Wedding Crashers. More info on the casting of Seymour here.

May 17, 2005
New Season Lineups Announced!
Good news for Josh and a few surprises.

This week the networks announce their plans for the 2005-2006 TV season and there are a few surprises. According to The WB's official press release, the network has picked up Josh's pilot, now retitled Modern Men (previously titled The Evolution of Man), but it won't be on their fall schedule. Instead, the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced sitcom will be scheduled for midseason which means it will premiere sometime in early 2006. Good news except that the network is now facing some casting issues. According to, The WB is now scrambling to recast the lead female role originally played by Wendie Malick. This problem was caused by ABC's stunning decision to renew it's low-rated and thought-to-be-dead comedy Jake in Progress which also stars Malick. Since she commited to the ABC series first, she is now forced to ditch Modern Man leaving a huge hole in the cast. In The WB's press release, she is now credited as a guest star instead of a star. No word on who will replace her.

Jake in Progress wasn't the only ABC renewal that shocked insiders. It turns out that ABC has also decided to bring back Less Than Perfect which was originally thought to be on it's last legs. If you remember, Josh Braaten had a recurring role on Perfect as Claude's boyfriend Charlie. It's unknown wether Josh will return or not due to his commitment to the new WB sitcom.

Finally, below is all the information The WB Network has released on Josh's series Modern Men which includes plenty of information about his character:

Tim (Josh Braaten, �Less Than Perfect"), Kyle (Max Greenfield, �Veronica Mars") and Doug (Eric Lively, �The L Word") are childhood friends who are at different stages in their lives when it comes to women. Doug can't move on from his ex-wife, Kyle is a womanizing bachelor, and Tim's relationships keep falling apart due to...well, he doesn't actually know. Tim's sister Tina (Marla Sokoloff, �Desperate Housewives," �The Practice"), a confident young law student, tries to make him understand that today's career-minded, self-sufficient women don't need a man for support, they're looking for a deeper and more meaningful connection. Though their situations are different, each of these guys has come to the same realization -- it takes a lot more than they expected to keep a woman happy and satisfied. After getting no help from Tim's dad Tug (George Wendt, �Cheers"), who's stuck in the Stone Age when it comes to the opposite sex, Tim, Kyle and Doug are just desperate enough to seek the help of Dr. Stangl (guest star Wendie Malick, �Frasier," �Just Shoot Me"), a renowned life coach. Now the question is whether these guys are capable of taking Dr. Stangl's advice and applying it to their every day situations. This fresh, male perspective on modern relationships is from Emmy Award-winning executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer (�CSI," �Cold Case," �Without a Trace"). Joining Bruckheimer are executive producers Jonathan Littman (�Without A Trace," the �CSI" and �The Amazing Race" franchises) and Marsh McCall (�Just Shoot Me," �The Naked Truth"), along with co-executive producers Ross McCall and Aaron Peters (�Just Shoot Me," �The Simple Life"). From Jerry Bruckheimer Television in association with Warner Bros. Television Production Inc.

April 3, 2005
Josh on 'Perfect' Finale

Josh's next appearance on Less Than Perfect will be on the season finale called "Claude the Expert" and is scheduled to air April 15 at 9:30pm E/P on ABC. The episode will also feature a guest appearance by Christopher Knight of The Brady Bunch. Here's how ABC describes the episode:

Claude encourages Charlie to audition for a band, but then, when he makes the cut and has to leave town indefinitely, she realizes her relationship skills are better applied to Jeb and Lydia.

Not only could this be Josh's last appearance on the show, it's also rumored that this could be Less Than Perfect's final episode. Ratings have been down and star Zachary Levi (who plays "Kipp") has already found other work as one of the leads in the CBS sitcom pilot Three with James Van Der Beek.

March 31, 2005
Wendie Malick ("Nina" on Just Shoot Me) and Marla Sokoloff ("Lucy" on The Practice) have been cast alongside Josh in The Evolution of Man. Malick will play the female life coach who the three single men hire to sort out their lives. Remember, the pilot tapes next next week on April 6.

March 22, 2005
Josh Scores Comedy Pilot!

Variety and The Hollywood Reporter have reported that Josh has been cast in a pilot for The WB network called The Evolution of Man where he'll play Tim, one of the lead characters. The show comes from CSI producer Jerry Bruckheimer and is described as a comedy that "revolves around friends in their 20s who seek the advice of a female life coach." Also starring will be Eric Lively (The L Word), Max Greenfield (Gilmore Girls) and George Wendt (Cheers). The pilot will tape April 6 and tickets can be ordered by clicking here. Congratulations Josh!

March 11, 2005
Josh on 'Inside Stuff'

On February 27, Josh was featured on an episode NBA Inside Stuff that focused on the NBA's entertainment league which Josh plays on. Unfortunately, I did not know about this and missed it completely. If anyone has this show on tape or knows where I can obtain a copy, please contact me.

February 19, 2005
Josh's episode of CSI: Miami ("Pirated") will rerun on CBS on Monday, February 28 at 10pm (Eastern/Pacific).

February 14, 2005
"Get Away" Caps

Happy Valentine's Day! Screencaps of Claude and Charlie's romantic weekend in the Hamptons from the Less Than Perfect episode "Get Away" have been added. They can be found in the Images section. Special thanks to DaveId from for making them! Also, updated the Less Than Perfect episode guide in the Career section to include info from "Get Away."

February 7, 2005
New Caps and New Episode this Friday!

Added screencaps of Josh in the Less Than Perfect episode "Distractions." They can be found in the Images section. Special thanks to DaveId from for making them! Also, updated the Less Than Perfect episode guide in the Career section to include info from "Disctractions."
Also, Josh will be appearing in another new episode of the series this Friday. The episode is called "Get Away" and here's how ABC describes the episode:

Will gives Claude the keys to his home in the Hamptons for a romantic weekend with Charlie, but when they arrive they're surprised to find that Lydia and Jeb had the same idea. Regis Philbin ("Live with Regis and Kelly"), Mark Curry ("Hangin' with Mr. Cooper") and Kimberly Williams-Paisley ("According to Jim") Guest Star.

January 31, 2005
Caps From "Playhouse" Episode

Added screencaps of Josh in the Less Than Perfect episode "Playhouse." They can be found in the Images section. Special thanks to DaveId from for making them! Also, updated the Less Than Perfect episode guide in the Career section to include info from "Playhouse."

Remember to watch Josh in an all new episode this Friday.

January 21, 2005
More 'Perfect' Appearances

The next episode of Less Than Perfect that Josh will be in is "Playhouse" which airs January 28 at 9:30pm (Eastern/Pacific) on ABC. The episode will also feature guest appearances by The Partridge Family's David Cassidy and Danny Bonaduce. Here's how ABC describes the episode:

Claude's boyfriend Charlie temporarily moves in after his landlord pays him ten thousand dollars to move out. However, when Charlie becomes too comfortable with his new wealth and free living arrangements and begins holding auditions for his new band in her apartment, Claude questions her decision.

Josh will also be appearing in the episode "Distractions" which will air February 4 with guest star Paula Abdul of American Idol. Here's how ABC describes the episode:

Claude is excited to be starting the GNB Management Training Program with her new boyfriend, Charlie - until Kipp joins the program and befriends Charlie.

January 16, 2005
New 'Perfect' Caps

Added screencaps of Josh in the Less Than Perfect episode "You Can Leave the Lights On." They can be found in the Images section. Special thanks to DaveId from for making them! Also, updated the Less Than Perfect episode guide in the Career section to include info from "You Can Leave the Lights On."

January 7, 2005
Josh returns to 'Less Than Perfect'

On Friday, January 14 Josh is coming back to the ABC sitcom Less Than Perfect as Claude's love interest Charlie. The episode is called "You Can Leave the Lights On" and will air at 9:30pm/8:30 central. This will the be the first time Josh has appeared on the show in exactly two years (his last appearance was in the episode "Claud's Got a Secret" which aired on January 7, 2003). If you remember, Josh appeared in three episodes of the show as Claude's office fling Charlie who she secretly dated for a while.

November 24, 2004
CSI: Miami Caps!
Added screencaps of Josh in the CSI: Miami episode "Pirated." They can be found in the Images section. Special thanks to DaveId from for making them! Also, updated the Career section to include info from CSI: Miami.

November 20, 2004
Josh on CSI: Miami!
Josh will be guest starring on this Monday's episode of the hit CBS series CSI: Miami. The episode is called "Pirated" and Josh will be playing a character named Brian Waterton. The episode centers around the search for a group of murderers who hijacked a ship and killed the crew. Watch it this Monday at 10pm/9c on CBS.

September 4, 2004
Sorry for the lack of updates but there simply hasn't been anything new to add to this site since the cancellation of Married to the Kellys. If there's anything you would like to contribute to this site, such as news, info, pictures, screencaps, please feel free to contact me. You will be properly credited.
Until then, the only new thing I can offer is a link to this site. It's called and it's a site where you can find out if you are a compatible match for Josh simply by entering your birthday. While there you can also see how well you match up with other celebrities. Have fun!

July 3, 2004
A belated Happy Birthday to Josh who turned 27 last week on June 25!

May 18, 2004
'Kellys' Canceled
Sadly, ABC has decided not to go ahead with a second season of Married to the Kellys. The show will instead be replaced by a new comedy called The Savages. But remember, you can still check out Josh on the Kellys a few more times during summer reruns beginning May 28 and hopefully on the "Bloopers" special on May 25.

April 30, 2004
The Fate of the 'Kellys'
Married to the Kellys' very first season is over and the fate of the show for next season has not yet been decided. May 18, the ABC network will hold it's annual upfront presentation where they'll announce their new schedule for Fall 2004 and it is also when we will get to find out if Kellys will be coming back for a second season or if it will be canceled. Cross your fingers and hope for the best!
'Kellys' Outtakes Featured In New Special
April's season finale isn't the last that you've seen of Married to the Kellys this season. On Tuesday May 25, ABC will be presenting an all new 'Bloopers' special hosted by Dick Clark that will feature outtakes from many of ABC's sitcoms including Kellys. Don't miss your oppurtunity to see the cast flub their lines and screw-up takes in this hilarious new special!

March 28, 2004
'Kellys' moves to 9:30pm!
ABC's new TGIF sitcom The Big House will be moving into the 8:30pm/7:30c time slot for the next few weeks which means that Married to the Kellys' next two episodes, which includes the season finale, will air April 16 and April 23 at the special time of 9:30pm/8:30c. Remember it so that you won't miss the season's final two episodes!

February 25, 2004
Earlier this month the TV news show Extra went behind-the-scenes of an upcoming episode of Married to the Kellys which will feature Josh racing cars with the bionic man himself Lee Majors! Extra's own Dayna Devon also got to appear in the show as Lee's girlfriend so she was able to take her crew behind the scenes and interview some of the cast members including Josh, who's a big fan Majors from his Fall Guy days. If you missed it then you can head over to Extra's Site and see the the video online (just click on the "Dayna TV" picture). Screencaps of Josh in the segment can be found here.

February 11, 2004
Added screencaps of Josh in the Married to the Kellys episodes "Whose Pants Are Smarter?" and "The Contractor." They can be found in the Images section. Thanks to DaveId from for making them!