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Frontcrawl is one of the fastest strokes known, it also is the easiest stroke. Front crawl is a stroke that is swam on your front and you breathe to the side, it is best to breathe bilaterally, which is breathing every 3 strokes.

when swimming in a competition you have to dive from the block and not breathe for the first 3 strokes and as you are heading towards the wall for the last 5 metres don't breathe. Once you're by the wall, drag your hand through the water and bring your head round so you flip over then move your feet against the wall, push off and continue swimming. When you are comming to the wall to finish, don't breathe for the last 5 metres and lead your hand through into the wall with one hand.

There are 4 main drills for frontcrawl...

  • left arm
  • right arm
  • doublearm
  • drag your arm through the water