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Butterfly Stroke
Butterfly is a very hard stroke to swim because you use two arms at the same time to pull you forward and you have to lift your head up straight to breathe while your legs are kicking hard in unison. Butterfly is a stroke that you have to be fit to be able to swim as it takes a lot of hard work to do it correctly and not get disqualified. It is best to breathe every two arm cycles.

When swimming in a competition you should dive from the block, kick underwater and don't breathe for the first 3 arm strokes and continue breathing every 2 stroke

When you come to do a tumble turn you have to touch the wall with two hands at the same time then let go with one hand and put it in front of you while you push off from the wall with both legs and your other arm comes over your head. When finishing, hit the wall with both hands at the same time otherwise you'll be disqualified.

There are 3 main drills for butterfly

  • left arm
  • right arm
  • 2 left, 2 right and 2 full